Holistic Dentist Alternatives

dentist in Baton Rouge does not have to be a difficult process, so if you need a dentist please see the following: http://www.sunshinepages.com/. “>A holistic dentist is the choice of many patients who prefer a more alternative approach. The term “holistic” refers to a whole body approach where each component is related to the others. This approach leans toward the belief that nutrition and mental health play a large role in the health of the teeth, gums and mouth. More natural methods, rather than just prescription drugs, are utilized in this practice. Some examples of items used to improve health may include herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Pain management may be controlled with techniques that are alternative to traditional anesthesia. Some examples of natural pain control techniques include hypnosis and acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Asian medical therapy which utilizes tiny needles which are inserted into certain areas of the bodies to achieve specific goals. In dentistry these goals may be to lessen the gag reflex, to alleviate pain and anxiety. This treatment is designed to release endorphins. When endorphins are released, relaxation and cessation of pain occurs. Hypnosis is a technique that will allow a patient to slip into a hypnotic state. The hypnotic state is one of deep tranquility and blanking out of the mind. The dentist who uses this method of pain control will have to have undergone special training and certification in order to utilize it effectively.

Some other natural dental remedies include aloe vera, chamomile, clove, tea tree oil, peppermint, Vitamin K and wintergreen. These items have a range of medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotics, antiviral, and antiseptic. Cold sores can be treated with lysine.

Many holistic practitioners recommend natural toothpaste products rather than the traditional commercial varieties that may contain chemicals, additives, dyes and preservatives. These alternative toothpastes are gentle, non-abrasive and even include varieties appropriate for use on babies’ teeth. Certain types contain no animal products so are preferred by vegans and vegetarians.

There is debate in the natural dental community regarding fluoride. Some believe that it can help to strengthen teeth while others feel that it is harmful. Many feel that the patient should research the pros and cons of fluoride and make a decision for themselves. One part of any “whole person” treatment, whether medical or dental, is to have the person be an informed participant in their health care. Not only does this contribute to their feeling of mastery and control over their own destiny, it’s good for judgment, wisdom and brain development. Is a holistic dentist the right practitioner for you? Investigate the facts, go for a consultation, and find out.

Finding a dentist in Baton Rouge does not have to be a difficult process, so if you need a dentist please see the following: http://www.sunshinepages.com/.

Chinese Medicine Strengthens the Immune System After Chemotherapy

The immune system is a complex system that requires various areas of the body to be functioning healthy. It has two major functions:

1) protect the body from pathogens, and

2) fight infections when the body is invaded by an external pathogen. This, of course, also includes cancer, although cancer is not technically speaking an invasion of a pathogen from outside the body.


If the immune system is deficient, a common modern problem, the body is susceptible to a whole host of infects and may be more vulnerable to cancer. Generally speaking a person who is in good health will have a strong immune system, but genetic factors could play an important role in immunodeficiency.


In Chinese medicine the two functions loosely correspond to the “wei qi” or external immune system and the “zheng qi” or up-right qi, which is the vital force necessary to remain strong during the course of illness. If the “wei qi” fails it is necessary for the “zheng qi” to keep the body strong. If the body stays strong enough, any illness can be out-lasted. And, because the “wei qi” depends on the “zheng qi,” Chinese medicine generally focuses on that in cases of immune system deficiencies. Of course, in some cases this is easier said than done and there are no miracles.


Astragalus and Bai-zhu Atractylodes are two of a famous three herb combination for strengthening the “wei qi,” but also well known for their ability to strengthen the entire system. This combination of herbs is found in many traditional formulas to strengthen the qi of the entire body. Reishi mushroom is one of the most famous herbs in the world for strengthening the immune system and in the treatment of cancer. Reishi along with Astragalus are two of the most researched herbs in the world. Other herbs that help to strengthen the “zheng qi” and the over-all strength of the body are Codonopsis (a common substitute for the more expensive Ginseng), Polygonatum, Psoralea, Poria (another mushroom like Reishi), and Chinese Licorice. Of these, Polygonatum is one of the few herbs in Chinese medicine considered to support the body’s essence.


In Chinese medicine it is critical to support the “blood” when supplementing the qi because the “blood” nourishes the qi. Therefore, if the blood is weak the qi will be weak, and the immune function will be deficient. Herbs like Spatholobus, Dong Quai, Rehmannia, Ligustrum Lucidum, and Lycium all do this. Spatholobus is a well known herb for quickening the blood to treat blood disorders and is also used in several types of cancer. Dong Quai is another highly researched herb and is considered one of the best herbs for strengthening the blood. Rehmannia and Lycium are essential herbs for the treatment of blood disorders and also strongly nourishes the “yin,” which is often damaged with the use of strong Western medical treatments like chemotherapy. Ligustrum Lucidum is widely used for blood disorders and especially important for liver diseases such as hepatitis.


While not every disease can be cured, having a strong immune system is important for staying healthy and, in the event you find yourself living with a disease, building and maintaining health. In serious illnesses such as cancer strengthening your immune system can be a critical strategy toward the road to recovery.

Thomas Avery Garran is a Chinese medicine practitioner with 17 years of experience, a number of articles, and a book, “Western Herbs According Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Practitioners Guide.” His blog is http://sourcepointherbs.blogspot.com and he is writing for the website, http://www.immuneenhance.com/products/leucozepin

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How to Treat the Common Cold with Traditional Chinese Medicine


There are many types of common colds in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The most common forms are in the categories of wind-cold and wind heat. As is the nature of disorders involving the wind outside, the pattern can change very quickly, requiring a change in treatment strategy during the illness. In all forms of cold, as well as a cough or cold, immediate treatment provides the most effective results. The longer people take to treat an infectious disease, the longer it takes to eliminate the causative agent.
Common cold caused by wind-cold
This pattern shows the following symptoms: fever, chills, inability to stay warm, nasal congestion or sinus with clear mucus, cough with sputum, neck and shoulder tension, headache occipital (neck) and pulse rate slower than normal, felt more easily on the surface.
Therapy diaphoretic (sweat therapy) is especially useful in this disease, since it warms the body and expels the infectious agent from the pores. In the early stages of this pattern, an effective remedy is miso soup with the white part of green onion (cong bai) and ginger cool (sheng jiang). For more severe or advanced, there are a variety of therapies, depending on the combination of symptoms.
When the wind-cold symptoms include strong chills, inability to sweat, shortness of breath and tightness in the neck, the remedy / classical decoction is Ephedra (Ma Huang Tang). The main herb in this formula is ephedra (ma huang), a powerful stimulant that opens the bronchial passages, warms the body and stimulates the sweat.
The branch of cinnamon (gui zhi) ephedra helps in warming the body and the stimulation of sweat, while the apricot seed (xing ren) help to improve breathing. The licorice (gan cao) acts as a harmonizing herb, which modulates the harsh nature of ephedra, preventing excessive sweating and toxicity. It also has antitussive and anti-inflammatory qualities that make it useful for the symptoms of sore throat and cough.
Ephedra is never used alone in Chinese herbal medicine, where part of a formula, often combined with licorice (as in Ephedra decoction), which softens. Because ephedra can raise blood pressure, especially when used alone or with caffeine, it should not be used by people with cardiovascular disease or hypertension.
For symptoms of wind cold with headache and nasal congestion as the main, the classic formula is Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan, usually made with green tea (cha), which leads to the formula for action the head region. Recently, it was found in green tea great antioxidant properties that scavenge free radicals involved in aging and disease.
Common cold caused by wind-heat
When the harmful influence of the wind is combined with heat, dislike the most fever and chills the pulse rate is faster than normal. The main symptoms are pain and swelling of the throat with headache and irritability. If there is coughing, it will usually be dry or nonproductive, with occasional expectoration of yellow mucus.
Several formulas treat the many variations of this picture, but the most famous is the Yin Qiao San. This treatment is highly effective for the symptoms of wind-heat, which appear in such conditions as colds and tonsillitis, as well as the common cold, is also available from several different manufacturers as proprietary formula Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian.
Besides Yin Qiao, there are many other drugs available effective. For example, Gan Mao Ling is often useful in cases of wind heat. If the fever is high, it is preferable to take Zhong Gan Ling. If the sore throat is severe, it is recommended to add the tablets to treat inflammatory Chuan Xin Lian.
Other elements of treating the common cold
By treating the symptoms of cold or flu due to wind-heat, the results are always better if treatment is started in the early stages of the disease. It is important to get adequate rest, away from the origins of stress and good nutrition in the form of soups and fresh juices. Candy and stimulants (as caffeinated beverages) rapidly increased disease severity, as they tend to feed the causative agent of the infection.
The same is true tonic herbs such as ginseng. People sometimes make the mistake of taking ginseng when they feel cold because they have heard it is good for the immune system. The use of ginseng in this case is a serious mistake, since it gives more strength to the agent causing the infection that causes the disease, making the person feel worse.
Powerful tonic herb, ginseng acts to “close” the exterior of the body while releasing energy within. If the agent causing the infection is already within the body, ginseng tonics and other stimulants will hold and feed simultaneously. The appropriate treatment plan is to open the pores and put it out. Herbal formulas to “release the exterior and repel wind,” as the Yin Qiao, are used in these cases.
On the other hand, if the causative agent is not cold inside the body, ginseng strengthens the wei qi, protecting the body against invaders, while improving both the strength and vitality of the person with the disease. This distinction between establishing immunity and prolonged fighting an acute illness is an important contribution of traditional Chinese medicine. Although the herbal tonic can be taken long term, it is important to discontinue their use during a cold or flu. Then, after the expulsion of the causative agent of a cold body, tonic herbs can be taken again to give strength and vitality for a long time.
Using acupuncture to treat the common cold
Acupuncture and moxibustion can provide immediate relief to the symptoms of colds and help the body expel the causative agent of a cold more quickly. Typically, needles are inserted at points along the meridians of the large intestine and lung, which have the ability to activate immune function. The most important point of acupuncture in treating the common cold is the large intestine 4 (“Valley Junction”), which is located in the tissue between the thumb and forefinger. This point is very effective for this problem, since it eliminates the pain and relieves exterior conditions. Patients often feel relief quickly when the needle is inserted at the point or when that point is massaged.
Generally, one or two treatments with an acupuncture and herbal treatment for one week are sufficient to colds. If symptoms are recognized and treated early, it is possible to combat the cold in a day or two with acupuncture and herbs.

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Holistic Heal For Pmdd

If you entire heartedly believe that in an individual shot miracle cures, tablets, tonics, units or any of that garbage then I propose you quit looking at now. Why? Mainly because I do not imagine in individuals points and what I have to say could shock you, anger you, but ideally if you do decide to keep – will open your eyes to the reality of how you can find a cure for PMDD simply because it is in holistic therapies you need to have to focus on.

What is a holistic treatment you may request?

Holistic medicine is a way of shopping at your well being that can take all things into account instead than just seeking at the main warning signs, or even just the key factor of the underlying bring about. Elements like your psychological wellness and how it influences your physical overall health as properly as the other way all-around have to be looked into. Your eating plan and life-style play a part. So what does this signify in regards to your PMDD?

Very well, it usually means that pills and medication are not heading to be a extended phrase alternative for 1 issue. PMDD medicine targets just one particular or two at the most of the indicators of PMDD and never ever at the root lead to of the problem. Even by taking a very few unique medications you are only dampening the symptoms devoid of treating all of the elements of your everyday life that contribute to PMDD.

Workout variations – Exercising is great as we all know, but there is extra too it.
Psychological workouts – Staying able to have a wholesome thoughts may make a massive improve to your internal bodily well being.
Pressure reduction – Pressure is a major contributor to PMDD
If you have, or suspect you have PMDD, you must be knowledgeable of the symptoms and signs of PMDD. Being aware of what to expect, when it occurs and other crucial info is very important to really fully grasp the outward effects of this condition. It is also critical to know them to have an understanding of the root hormonal leads to of PMDD as effectively which is much less effectively understood but equally necessary.

Now, not all girls experience from all of these issues. There is in actuality a incredibly rigorous guideline on how to classify PMDD as a medical situation that can be treated psychiatrically.
A feeling of reduction of command. You may possibly come to feel overcome and unable to offer with anything not having a sense of not getting in manage.
Mood swings that can collection from sudden crying matches to outrageous outbursts of anger and rage.
Stress and anxiety, nervousness and be troubled that can go as far as total blow panic.
A reduction of curiosity in the elements you generally get inspired by, or enthuse you these as do the job, hobbies, university and other elements.
Irritability and anger that lasts for a lengthy period of time.
Appetite improvements of consuming binges, or lack of meals consumption. This can previous those full time or modify at a moments observe.
Lack of concentration and concentrate.
Headaches and migraines
Muscle or joint aches and pains.

As you can see this can be a nightmare to deal with.

Jane is a longterm victim of pmdd disorder and is today helping others with a possible cure

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two Abnormal Pure Cures for PMDD
Holistic Cure for PMDD

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The 5 Precepts of Reiki

The 5 Reiki Precepts.

The five Reiki precepts have been handed down from Reiki master to student since the start of Reiki.

Just For Today, I Will Not Worry.

Just For Today, I Will Not Anger.

Just For Today, I Will Earn My Living Honestly.

Just For Today, I Will Honor My Parents, Elders, and Teachers.

Just For Today, I Will Show Gratitude For Everything.

To me it almost sounds like they could have come from a 12 step program, but I have to say that there is wisdom in these words. Taken all together and lived every day can lead one to live a beautiful life.

What you read above was the original version I was taught. For my own self I have changed the wording slightly to eliminate the negative. Every time we say “I will not”, we are fighting the “will” and thus it is more difficult to accomplish whatever it is we wanted to accomplish!

Just For Today, I Will Not Worry.

Today, I Am Worry Free!

Here, I am not willing myself to do anything, I am declaring that I am worry free! There is no fear of worry, there is nothing negative in the statement. The word “Just” adds limits and if we are reminding ourselves of these precepts all the time, the “Just” just doesn’t fit!

If I am “just worry free today”, that means I can worry tomorrow!

The subconscious is always listening and picks up on these things.

Words are very powerful and should be used wisely!

Just For Today, I Will Not Anger.

I Am Happy Today!

Again, I drop the “Just”, I leave the “Will” out of it and drop the two negatives, “not” and “anger”.Recite those two sentences aloud and see which one feels better.

Just For Today, I Will Earn My Living Honestly.

I Am Honest And Fair In All My Undertakings!

This one makes me laugh, does it mean that yesterday I was dishonest and tomorrow I can rob a bank?

Just For Today, I Will Honor My Parents, Elders, and Teachers.

I Respect, Honor, and Love My Parents, Elders, and Teachers!

There are variations out there in which the parents, elders and teachers get reduced to neighbors, not a change I am in favor of, for our Parents and Elders should not be reduced to being neighbors and all in the world can teach us something! Our Parents and Elders are to be held in the highest esteem, along with our teachers. This statement encompasses every person in our lives!

Just For Today, I Will Show Gratitude For Everything.

I Am Thankful And Grateful For All The Good In My Life, For All Good I Have Been Given And All The Good That Is Coming To Me!

We are to be grateful everyday! Not “Just” today! And we need to be grateful for everything that touches us, and not just as a “Show”!

Yes, the 5 precepts in themselves are good starting points, but you must make them yours in a way in which they are truly yours.

Tyzarm Klard Usui Reiki Master, MetaPhysician, Ordained Minister and a firm

believer that you can learn and do anything that you put your mind to!
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Reiki For Animals and Children

When using Reiki with children or animals the session needs to be structured differently as their concentration span is much shorter, and as their channels are usually much clearer they generally need less time.

Reiki on babies often helps put them to sleep, (great for teething!) A good way to give your child Reiki is when they are asleep  – to help avoid the ‘squirming’ factor. Tell them that you will be doing hands on work while they are sleeping, or absent healing (also tell them, if possible – I usually tell a child I’ll be sending distant healing to that I’ll be sending them some love tonight to help with…… and they might have a dream. One delightful child I’ve worked with always has an amazing dream and draws a picture of it. ) With children I alsways ask permission before I put my hands on them so they don’t suddenly feel invaded with big hands coming at them. If they are pre-talking then I will put my hands out for them to interact with first and see how they respond. If they scream or run away, then take this for a ‘no’….. With small children it is easier if a parent holds the child while you are working with them. Depending on the age of the child, I rarely do more than 20 mins of hands on work.

Children can be attuned to Reiki but it is usually utterly unnecessary and irrelevant. They only require a little assistance in showing them what is possible. They are usually ‘naturals’ at picking up the concepts of letting love do the healing and placing hands on hurting parts. You just need to have a chat with them about letting people have choice about whether they receive energy or not. They shouldn’t rush up to the child who fell over in the playground and stick their hands on them.

Reiki is safe and wonderful during pregnancy. If you are not the baby’s parents do not consciously direct energy to the baby as this may induce restlessness, but you need to be aware that you are working with two beings. I prefer to avoid the sacral area, unless the woman specifically asks for my hands to go there. The baby is perfect in its’ cosy ocean and is still in close contact with the world of spirit and doesn’t require extra help. If you are ‘being with’ a pregnant woman in a space of unconditional love then no harm will be done, but it is not OK to manipulate her energy or the baby’s. If you are one of the parents that’s fine – you work as one unit – go for it with the hands on, in love! It is generally fine for a pregnant woman to receive a Reiki attunement unless she is ill or a miscarriage risk.

Animals are wonderful teachers – they will usually let you know exactly where to put your hands by positioning themselves accordingly eg putting their head onto your hands or backing towards you. They also let you know when they’ve had enough usually by getting up and moving or perhaps by snapping at you. Sometimes they get up, move and stretch and then return to your hands. A pet that is ready to pass over may reject Reiki; perhaps they feel it may hold them back (I have never experienced this in humans, it always eases their transition and only once in a dog who was dying who had been receiving (happily) an hour of Reiki per week, then a few days before she died she refused the Reiki). The timing varies also, I stay with the animal until it moves off and obviously has enough. This may be an hour or 10 minutes. You may find with your pets that some are happy to receive any time, and can be quite insistent ‘now’ please, others are fine with patting but just don’t do that other stuff thank you!. They will receive it if they need it, on their own terms. Respect this choice! Don’t take offence or think you must be awful at it, if you have a pet who disdains your skills…

Always give animals choice. Be polite and introduce yourself first. Like children, I put out my hands first for them to sniff and interact with.  I allow the animal space to move around, so that if they run for the hills, they probably don’t want Reiki today. If they have freedom to move they can stretch which sometimes can be a way of allowing shifts and adjustments to occur. Your pets may like to be in the room with you when seeing clients. This may or may not be appropriate as they can be a distraction or cause hayfever.

Wild animals can find hands on them overwhelming. It is much easier and gentler for them if you do distant healing or rescue them, put them in a cardboard box with something appropriate depending on the species, and then do hands on around the box.

As I arrived at this beautiful, eucalypt laden bushland venue and headed into the registration room where a crowd were already mingling, I noticed my first little fear arise. I realised these people all knew each other. And I knew no one. It hadn’t occurred to me that I would be the only ‘newbie’ in a loving, but daunting, sea of broad smiles, hugs and established bonds. “What the hell am I doing here? Can I run??” were my first thoughts as I walked out of registration on the long path to my shared lodgings.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Winter Health Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year! The holiday excitement is over and now we can move into the stillness of the winter season. It’s a perfect time to become more introspective, set new goals, and nourish your entire being according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is rooted in the philosophy that people should live in harmony with their environment – so during winter, this means slowing down in the colder months, deeply nourishing yourself, and keeping warm and well rested in order to plant the seeds for renewed vitality in the new year. As nature slows down and hibernates during the winter, the process of new growth and regeneration for the spring has already begun internally.


Winter time is an excellent time for retrospection, meditation and exploration of deeper issues. To do this, we need to slow down. In fact, we are usually so busy that we are not even aware of how neurotic our thoughts and actions are. When we slow down through meditation, relaxation, or simply taking some time off, we may be overwhelmed by the recognition of how fast and full our lives really are. If we can take the time to truly relax and slow down, the winter season can provide a profound opportunity for internal insight and deep introspection. This process may naturally give rise to “stuff” that is stuck under the surface of our mundane activities; issues, thoughts or patterns we may have been avoiding with our ongoing busy-ness. Simply allow these issues to arise, unfold and slip away as you calm your mind with simple meditation and breathing practices. Allowing this process to unfold during the winter season can have a much different quality than the peeling process that we engage in during our spring and fall cleanse. The end result may be similar but different organ systems, emotions and patterns are involved. This level of mind/heart medicine is an integral part of true integrative health and the winter season is an excellent time to experience meditation’s holistic benefits.


According to the principles of TCM, winter is associated with the element of water and influences the health of the kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, bones (including bone marrow) and teeth. In TCM, the kidneys are the primary source of vitality, energy and heat as well as vital essence. Energy is drawn from this source during times of stress and anxiety or when the body requires healing. During the coldness of winter, it is critical to maintain healthy kidneys and adrenal glands through proper diet and supplementation, good hydration, as well as energetic practices such as yoga and Tai Chi, which help keep your core warm and well nourished.


According to TCM, winter is inactive, cold and damp in nature, relating to feelings such as fear and depression which tend to exert more influence during this season. In Western medicine, many people are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a particular form of depression/anxiety that occurs during the darker months primarily due to lack of sunshine exposure. Women often experience this condition more than men and it results in poor mood, lack of energy, irritability, weight gain due to overeating and fatigue. In addition to supplementing with Vitamin D-3, I recommend opening your curtains during the day to allow any sunlight to come in and taking brisk walks (in the sunshine if possible) to improve circulation and blood flow. Meditation practices which help to calm the mind and heart are also extremely valuable during the winter season.

Warming, Nourishing Foods

In icy winter months, people tend to exercise less, remain more sedentary and crave calorie-dense comfort foods. It’s important however to pay close attention to the amount and type of food you eat during this time, in order to avoid unhealthy weight gain. According to TCM, it is also important to avoid too many raw foods during winter because they tend to cool the body and can deplete our digestive “fire” which is the ability to assimilate food efficiently. I recommend eating warming foods, while cooking them longer and at lower temperatures with less water. Emphasize soups and stews, root vegetables, plenty of dark leafy greens, kidney and black beans, walnuts, black sesame seeds, whole grains, and seaweeds. These specific foods help to fortify the kidneys, uplift the emotions, nourish the body, keep you warm and help you to conserve energy.


Botanicals and nutrients which promote immune health during the winter are important adjuncts for surviving cold and flu season. High quality medicinal mushrooms are potent immune modulators, along with vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D-3. Other powerful immune supplements include Modified Citrus Pectin and a Tibetan Herbal Formula with over 3 decades of clinical research. Purified Honokiol (magnolia bark extract) can help with mood support and a comprehensive digestive formula can keep digestion strong and support nutrient absorption for optimal nourishment. Other herbs emphasized by TCM in the winter include tonifying root herbs, for their warming, grounding and strengthening properties.

Healing Practices

People are more susceptible to colds and flu during the winter season, as the cold weather challenges the immune system. The main treatment modalities in TCM are acupuncture and moxabustion (the burning of Moxa herb, mugwort, around specific acupuncture points), Qi Gong (precise exercises to enhance the flow of vital energy), specific dietary recommendations, as well an extensive pharmacopeia of herbal medicine. All of these therapies have great value during the winter, as they help to relieve stagnant energy caused by a lack of activity and the cold weather. Practitioners of TCM also advise resting as much as possible during the winter, which helps replenish the kidneys and restore essential energy. Getting to bed early and rising after the sun has risen will help you preserve your warmth and vitality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine reflects an innate connection to nature with each season presenting opportunities for transformation, healing and growth. The winter season allows for deeper introspection and nourishment, so that our seeds and intentions can develop internally before they blossom into the spring. So stay warm, hydrated and nourished, and give yourself the extra time and space to slow down, rest and meditate in this profound season of stillness. For more valuable tips to help you stay healthy this winter and beyond, visit www.dreliaz.org


traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight


I am the door daily intake of sodium, 80% come from food or semi-finished products have been processed. Following these foods contain a lot of sodium, but was often overlooked. Do not want to get fat, then it would quickly look meizitang botanical slimming now!

1 chips. Packing a bag of potato chips contains 110 normal mg to about 340 milligrams of sodium.
2 luncheon meat. About 100 grams (half a can) on sodium luncheon meat staggering 2230 mg!
3 instant noodles. 1 bowl of instant noodles, the sodium content is –2,780 mg.
4 tomato pasta sauce. Only 50 grams of tomato pasta sauce is about 525 milligrams of sodium.

With the development of people’s living standard, the number of obese people becomes larger. It is very common to see high blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases and the rate of those diseases tends to increase. There are many ways of losing weight right now. Traditional Chinese medicine theory is dialectic and will help lose weight effectively and healthily. Here meizitang will introduce some of traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight.

This may make you feel strange, but too much salt is how to make you fat, this is a case of you unknowingly took place in the process. The body will change too much salt and fat metabolism making the body a “habit.” Studies have shown that high-salt diet can promote insulin secretion, and excess insulin makes your body believe that the current shortage of sugar reserves, the result is that the body continues to reserves in accordance with the instructions of insulin sugar, and these excess sugars is will be converted into body fat, away. meizitang botanical slimming soft gel simply, the higher your body’s insulin, the more fat will be stored in the body, then imagine the weight will follow up.

And even worse, the salt will stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, thereby affecting our brain “pleasure center” of the nerve transmission, you will feel very pleasant. You may also have this experience, salty foods will make people want to always eat a little, a little more. To some extent the effect is just like salty food the nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in the alcohol, always make you feel unable to stop. Thus, the high-salt foods will make you eat more salt and more salt, it means that with the accumulation of more fat will be down.

These high-salt foods to Shensi

Traditional Chinese medicine theory is dialectic and will help lose weight effectively and healthily. Here meizitang will introduce some of traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight.

Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Most people spend a lot of money and time in decorating their homes’ main rooms but tend to forget about their bedrooms. While living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas are all important places to consider for Feng Shui, your bedroom is also important and shouldn’t be over looked.

This room symbolizes who you are more than any other room in your home and you should take the time to make sure that you get the best possible energy from it. Good energy flow is important to your health and the amount of sleep you can get every night as well.

One of the most important things in using Feng Shui in your bedroom is the placing of your bed. Your bed is the place that you will be spending the most of your time and you need to have the position of command of your bedroom. By placing your bed away from the door, but with the door still in your sight you are taking command of the energy flowing through that room. You should never place your bed directly across from your bedroom door as that causes the energy to flow from your bed and out the door instead.

You should make sure that your bed is placed with the headboard against a solid wall or at a diagonal in a corner. If you can’t get your bed to fit into the command position of your bedroom, then you should place a mirror in that position so that you can see your door through the mirror when you look at it. You should also remember to never have more than a couple of mirrors in your bedroom as this activates the energy in your room and will cause you to have problems while sleeping at night.

Take the television out of your bedroom! By removing your TV, you will find that you are opening up the avenues of communication and the energy will be able to flow freely throughout the bedroom. If you can’t take the TV out, then you should place it inside a cabinet so that you can shut the door when it is not on, thus containing the energy flowing from the TV so that it cannot spread across your room. You should refrain from placing things underneath your bed as well as it creates a place for energy to become trapped and start causing problems.

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The Significance of Tennessee Chiropractic and Other Holistic Care For Our Body

With the busy kind of life we have today, we cannot help but to easily get tired, strained, and become unhealthy. We typically feel lower back pain, neck pain, headache and other muscular and body pains. As a result of these experiences, health specialists are now encouraging us to live healthy to avoid getting sick and alleviate the stress that we feel. Natural or home remedies are what they highly recommend to maintain healthy living.

There are a lot of natural medicines that each of us can take or practice to pamper our mind and body. Food supplements, cardiovascular exercises, and body wellness treatments are some example of these natural remedies for our body. New chiropractic techniques have also been developed by Nashville Chiropractors in the past few years and one of them is the Ionic Foot Bath. Some people may be skeptic about the idea of Ionic Foot Bath but many have tested the technique and have proven it healing capabilities.

Natural or alternative medicine is being practiced by a lot of people today. It may not gain the trust of the many but it is slowly being accepted in the society. You can find a variety of these services at Tennessee Chiropractic centers and even almost around the globe. Each person has a chiropractic method that works best for him and for his condition. That is why it is very important to consult with the experts first, such as the Nashville chiropractors, before engaging into any procedures.

Tennessee Chiropractic services and any other natural remedies may be a bit expensive but it is nothing compared to the costs to the costs you will incur if ever you get hospitalized. It is always better to prevent sicknesses and diseases than look for ways on how to cure it. Thus, the healthy way of living is now being promoted for us to be conscious with our health. The stress and tiredness that we feel in everything that we do wherever we may be should be released from our bodies. So once in a while we should engage ourselves in stress-releasing activities. The Nashville Chiropractors will surely advise this method to us if we consult them.

Wonder why some workaholic people still look young, blooming, and energetic? It is because they pamper themselves by going to the spa; they treat their body with trusted methods such as the Tennessee chiropractic techniques, and; they live a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and engage into some physical activities. All of these methods in taking care of our body only means that we should also spend time in treating ourselves to have a more positive outlook in life.

Jody Gonzalez is an online businesswoman who can attest the effectiveness of Tennessee Chiropractic services. She has been going to a TN Chiropractor to take care of her body and live a healthy lifestyle.