What is Homeopathic or Holistic Hair Analysis?

As human beings we have the innate capacity to heal, evolve and transform. In our society much emphasis is placed on quick fixes and places the responsibility of healing upon the practitioner giving treatment. We have come to expect that we will be given a pill and our pain will go away immediately. We have also been taught that we don’t need to change our lifestyle or our attitude to heal. In the following short description of holistic hair analysis we will clarify how this form of therapy differs from the normal western treatment as well as explain the basics of how it works and what you can expect.

Human beings are comprised of many layers. We have a physical aspect, an emotional aspect, a mental aspect, an unconscious aspect, and a life giving principal which makes everything work. All of these components work together giving us the experience we call being human. In health, we are free to act appropriately in any situation. We feel relaxed and positive. When something challenging comes up we can face it and respond in the exact way we need to without being thrown too far off balance. We can change when change is needed. We sleep when we are tired, eat when we are hungry, and life seems vibrant and fluid. Health has much more to do with HOW we respond to life rather than a life without challenges.

Over the course of our life, traumas happen which were too great to deal with fully at the time. Either we were too young and without the tools to do so, or the event was so overwhelming, it just over took us with its power. These traumas become lodged deep within our unconscious level and silently motivate us to act in ways which are not fluid and healthy. Over time these traumas, if not released, begin to affect the physical body and physical symptoms begin to arise. For example, lets say when i was young my parents had the habit of yelling at me every time I laughed and played. Overtime this regular event caused me to stop believing I could have fun. So in adulthood, whenever the chance to play came up, I unconsciously acted in a way to avoid it at all costs. Overtime this sadness associated with not playing began to affect my heart and physical symptoms began to emerge such as an irregular pulse, anxiety, and upper back pain.

We have been taught in the west that a physical symptom is the only thing which must be treated and that the ‘mental issues’ are designated for psychologists and psychiatrists. To my knowledge, all ancient medical traditions have a different perspective than this. They have found that we can never separate a physical problem from mental emotional issues, and therefore, in order to treat physical issues effectively, the mind must be treated as well.

Holistic hair analysis is a tool which discovers the location and quality of the deepest treatable blockages within us. It then finds a remedy which will initiate a process by which these blockages are released. Health issues we have on all levels of body and mind can heal from this medicinal tool.

Most hair analysis treatments available today offer a large list of things that are wrong with us as a result of the analysis. Some tell us which organ systems are not working well, others tell us what we are allergic too, and others tell us a myriad of other pathological aspect of our life. This has its positive and negative side affects. On the one hand it may offer us labels or insights as to why we don’t feel well. As we are used to being given labels for things, we may relax momentarily with the feeling that now we know why we don’t feel well. It may also give us valuable insight into what to do next to heal the problems we have. But on the other hand it is very easy to take this information and worry or obsess about it, actually making things worse. We may also fail to be empowered, as the patient, to face the parts of our life we need to face in order to find true balance. We become fixated on to label and drift away from our responsibility as patient to heal thyself.

Rather than a list of problems, this form of holistic hair analysis offers us a remedy which will begin a healing process. The answer to the question, ‘What did my hair say about me’? is answered in the process initiated by the remedy itself. The practitioner will not be the one who tells you about yourself based on the analysis findings. It will be you who will engage in a journey of discovery, with the remedy as a helper on the way. The remedy helps to create an organic unfolding of release and healing. This means past physical symptoms may reappear or current physical symptoms may intensify for a short period of time as the body is pushing these old patterns out of the body. Past traumas may re surface as they are being healed from within. Additionally, while these things may occur, one may also feel a great surge of vitality and/or an overall sense of greater wellbeing. These are all signs that the remedy is working at a very deep level. As the body has more energy it is now able to push some of these past traumas and symptoms out and let them go. Overtime, as the old physical and mental/emotional patterns release, there is a new found sense of stability, and often the chief complaint begin to go away.

Sometimes people ‘feel’ something right away. Others notice changes over time. Some notice drastic changes immediately, others notice subtle changes that accumulate over time. What is most important to consider about this form of therapy is that the patient is healing themselves with the assistance of a powerful remedy. The patient ultimately does the healing work with the support of the practitioner and is initiated by the patient and the remedy, rather than the healing done by the practitioner. For many this is a very different paradigm and for some an uncomfortable one. What I have seen many times is that the transformations which come from this form of therapy are ultimately very healing and very empowering for the individual.

Alexander M. Love is a holistic practitioner and teacher of Natural Medicine. He received a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture (AFEA), is a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and has studied with the developer of Core Synchronism, Dr. Robert Stevens, ND for the last nine years. Aside from instructing classes at the Institute for the Medical Arts, Alexander also has a private practice called Enjoy Vibrant Living in Boulder, CO.

Multi-party collaboration on the development of international standards of Chinese medicine

For some countries and China compete for dominance in the internationalization of Chinese medicine standards grim situation, Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Committee, the State Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau deputy director of longer than civilization, suggested that China should multi-party cooperation, attaches great importance to medicine international standard-setting issues.


 Civilized cited three facts to explain the situation of severe: in 2006, “the WHO Western Pacific Region, acupuncture standard” release, all 361 points in 359 points location and the same as China’s current national standards, but the South Korean Han Medical Association, claims that “the World Health Organization in China and Japan have no choice location of acupuncture points as a standard, choosing instead to South Korea,” caused an uproar in the world.


 WHO Western Pacific region in 2007 “issued by the terminology of traditional medicine with international standards”, most of which are in the terminology of Chinese medicine, the terminology of 3206, only eight terms Dongui four images from South Korea medicine, been to the Chinese as a “traditional medicine” in the name of the release.


 July 2009, South Korea will be classics of Chinese medicine in China based on the Zhaibian the “Donguibogam,” declared the beginning of Kanben into the UNESCO “Memory of the World List”, and international promotion.


 “This series of events to the Chinese medicine has a negative impact to the world, but also wake-up call we need to accelerate the formulation of international standards of Chinese medicine.” Civilized said that the work is not a national of Chinese Traditional Medicine of the things that need multi-sectoral cooperation .


 At present, economic globalization in the context of the many standard-setting has become a focus of international competition, countries have as a scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development an important strategy to improve its international competitiveness as an important tool and an important measure of trade protection.


 Civilized proposals, the relevant standard-setting work of Chinese medicine as an important national development strategies into national significant planning support, relevant ministries to establish an effective working mechanism to co-ordinate research, guidance, planning, coordination of international standard-setting work of Chinese medicine, the establishment of linkage mechanism to advance the work of international standard-setting process of medicine.


 Overall strengthening of the domestic Chinese medicine standardization construction work, the relevant state ministries and commissions should support the establishment of standardization of Chinese medicine research, development, promotion of special funds. The standard of Chinese medicine research, development, promotion, application work as a key work to promote international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine and services, and better for human health services.

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Reiki healing and how it works

Reiki is a Japanese kind of religious custom that is used to lessen anxiety and promotes rest. It is a strategy that aids in endorsing healing of his or her self or of other persons. This custom is also known as the “laying of hands”.

The powers of Reiki healing are rooted on the fact that life force energy in all individual is true. This force of life is the cause of the existence of every human being. Once the energy of life is down, the individuals may feel bad or weakened. However, when the life force is good, people will feel better and glad.

One type of meditation is Reiki which is used as the kind of therapy used for healing emotional, physical and mental sicknesses. The word Reiki comes from 2 Japanese characters that define energy itself. The word “rei” which signifies hidden or religious and “ki” indicates energy and life force. When these two combine together, they are called Reiki, which means that universal life energy is given to all of us.

Throughout the 20th century of Japan, an individual named Mikao Usui has been able to develop Reiki. Mikao Usui underwent fasting for three long weeks and meditated in the pinnacle of the Mount Kurama and there he received the ability to heal. The Reiki experts make use of a treatment that is alike to the laying of hands.

This act is meant to endorse the channelling of the energy of healing to one more individual. The flow of energy goes through the palms and carries powers of religious healing that can be used for developing the self and others as well. This method is working well in healing many diseases and illnesses and it has the ability to treat the body inernally. This method is also effective in reducing the side effects it conveys and thus advance healing.

Even though Reiki is a strong healing method, it is easy to learn. Reiki, Reiki symbols and the capability to make use of it efficiently are not explained in a common sense. The healing capability of the student is transferred to him or her inside a Reiki class. This takes place during “attunement,” a meeting that involves the transmitting of the capability from a Reiki master to a learner. Once it has been transferred, it lets the learner gets life force energy from an unlimited source which can be utilized to enhance his or her health and quality of life.

Even though the Reiki method is holu, it is still not a religion. Reiki requires no views to meditate on about learning to practice the method and it does not contain any kind of dogma. Reiki takes effect whether the learner considers it or doubts it. But the Reiki technique helps individuals to experience their spiritual selves rather than the rational concept alone.

In addition, the Reiki method aspires to enhance and promotes living in harmony with other people. Aside from that, Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system, suggests to practice the simple moral principles.

Knowing more about Reiki can help people in becoming not only as a remedial channel but as an advocate of harmony that give way to serenity and tranquillity amongst the people.

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Hygienic lifestyle made simple with Greenlime

Spearheaded by Pudumjee Hygiene as the parent company, Greenlime continues to move forward in the field of hygiene lifestyle. Greenlime is among the most successful brands in providing cleaning solutions to customers today. It is the only company with 3 ISO certifications- quality, environment and food safety management systems; ensuring 100% safe solutions for the people.

Greenlime provides a range of hygiene products- Wet wipes, hand sanitizer products, soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom tissues, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat cover systems, odour neutralizers and other cleaning solutions.

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Greenlime products have time and again tried to ascertain the strong role of tissues in maintaining a clean and hygienic lifestyle. When you wipe your hands with an ordinary paper napkin, many a times it shreds and sticks on your skin, but Greenlime paper napkins do not shred on your skin and are super soft and super absorbent. They are ideal for wiping your hands after snacks or dinner. The hand wash is rich in Vitamin E and moisturizers. The brand’s Pop-up napkins beautify conference tables and work stations in different sizes, thus Greenlime tissue products are found everywhere from travel to parties to Corporates as well as an otherwise daily use. The products can be easily spotted stacked in bright color packs in the tissues section in Indian stores like Big Bazaar and leading stores of each city as well as in leading airports and malls of India. 

The Greenlime kitchen rolls have high wet strength towels designed to absorb high spills and messes in Indian kitchens. They absorb excess oil and preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables, thus, making them your best kitchen mate.

Greenlime wet wipes are soothing and refresh your skin against the scorching and prickly heat of summer. They are safe on all skin types. Greenlime Wet Wipes products are handy and snuggly fit into your purses and pockets.

Greenlime toilet tissue sheets keep infections at bay by keeping your skin dry.  The brand’s toilet rolls are made from hands-free technology. They are soft, safe on the skin and disintegrate quickly in water to prevent clogged drains.

Greenlime is a one stop destination for all hygiene products. Greenlime is now synonymous with hygiene pan India triggering the need among people to lead a healthier lifestyle. The company sincerely dedicates itself to provide extensive and exclusive personal and environmental hygiene. A legacy of 100 years gets enhanced and enriched with an in-depth understanding of the market and catering to the needs of the customer like a package with Greenlime cleaning solutions. Greenlime is also reaching out to youngsters through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with hygiene related posts, comments and videos apart from regular participation in events, exhibitions and seminars.

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Hygiene Products

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Feng Shui Element Cycle – Five Elements Cycles in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Element Cycle

There are five elements that we work with in feng shui-wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We use these elements in various combinations to solve problems. Wood resides in the East and Southeast, Fire in the South, Earth in the Southwest and Northeast, Metal in the West and Northwest and Water in the North. Don’t forget that the elements are more than their names; they also include shape, color and more. These elements interrelate with each other in various ways, namely in the productive, reductive and controlling cycles. Each of these cycles can be explained by using a family relationship. Understanding the cycles is basic to implementing feng shui improvements.

Think of the productive cycle as the relationship between mother and child. The mother gives to the child everything it needs to grow. In this cycle an element produces or feeds the next one in the sequence. You can use this method to strengthen a weak condition.

Wood feeds fire – keeps it burning

Fire creates earth – resulting in ashes

Earth creates metal – think iron ore or crystals

Metal creates water – condensation or when melted a liquid

Water feeds wood – allowing it to grow

The reductive cycle can be understood as a child and mother relationship. The child takes from the mother her time, energy and emotions, thus reducing her strength. Each element in the cycle reduces the strength of the next in the sequence. By using this cycle you can reduce the effects of an overly strong situation. Feng Shui Element Cycle

Wood reduces water – by using it up

Water reduces metal – corrosion

Metal reduces earth – removing metals reduces the soil, think mining

Earth reduces fire – throw dirt on the campfire

Fire reduces wood – it destroys wood

The controlling cycle is more like a grandparent who interferes in the parent and child relationship, always telling the parent how to handle the child. This will also reduce an overly strong situation but it does it in a very harsh manner. We prefer not to use this cycle to effect change.

Wood controls earth – the roots of a tree disrupt the earth

Fire controls metal – it melts metal

Earth controls water – think of a dam

Metal controls wood -it chops wood

Water control fire- it puts fire out

In conclusion use the productive cycle to strengthen a weak situation. Use the reductive cycle to weaken an overly strong situation. Try to avoid using the controlling cycle as it is too harsh. Feng Shui Element Cycle

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Natural Therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy ? Micro-Chinese Medicine


Kidney is an important organ which can remove wastes and excessive fluid from the blood maintaining healthy. When the kidney is damaged, it can not work normally as what it used to be. As a result, plenty of toxins will build up in body causing a lot of symptoms. With kidney function declining, kidneys fail to function till the uremia comes. Presently, conventional treatment for diabetic nephropathy is the followings.

Western medicines. Western medicine is the commonest treatment for kidney disease worldwide. It can effectively treat the symptoms like proteinuria, hematuria etc. After the treatment of western medicine, symptoms of kidney disease will relieve. But it is a fact that western medicine has some side effects and can not treat the kidney disease from the underlying cause. It is common that symptoms are cured but the kidney disease relapse after a while due to some inducement. That is to say that western medicine just treats your symptoms not restoring your kidney.

Miro-Chinese Medicine. Micro-Chinese Medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which is created for kidney disease after many years’ experiments and experience. The main ingredient of Micro-Chinese Medicine is natural herbs which are super-finely shattered to be permeated into kidney lesions by external application with the help of effective penetrant and osmosis devices. It can achieve the goal of treating kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine has advantages over treating kidney disease. Firstly, it is natural herbs which have no side effects. Secondly, Micro-Chinese Medicine can block kidney fibrosis, repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure. And the realizing of these purposes is based on Chinese medicine curative effects like dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. It treats kidney disease based on restoring kidneys.

Traditional Chinese medicine is natural ways to treat disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine can treat kidney disease from underlying cause.


With the development of the traditional Chinese medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has a more effective impact on the improvement of Diabetic Nephropathy. These medicines can be fully absorbed by the patients so the effects are more obvious. They can improve the blood circulation, change the state of ischemia and anoxia, so as to improve the internal environment of the kidneys. The traditional Chinese medicines can also supply some ingredients that can repair the damaged kidney vessels so the whole kidney function can be improved.

IF the patients can insist on the treatment for a long time, the renal fibrosis can be prevented from further developing.

Ways to benefit from Reiki Healing

These days you will find that Reiki Healing is the most popular practice around. The practitioners in this profession will use their hands to channel different types of healing energy through your body. Nothing can describe the benefits that you will receive through this process. Your mind, body and emotional status are something that will benefit from this process.

You might already be wondering where the Reiki Healing process comes from. Asian countries have been using these methods for more than a hundred years now. These days you will find that people want to experience this once at least. In the early years, they used this healing process to heal people with various ailments. Many sick people went to see one of these people if they want to stop whatever is happening to them.

The biggest belief about this type of healing method is that you can only look well and healthy on the outside if the inside of your body is healthy. Two other countries making use of the Reiki methods are China as well as Japan. If you have a look through history, you will find that the people from these countries are your healthiest people in mind as well as body.

You will find that through practices such as reflexology or acupuncture the touching of your body is something that they will have to do. This is not something you will have to endure with Reiki. The practitioner does not touch your body at any point during the whole process.

In the body is different locations that will help with healing and the practitioner only take his or her hands and move it over these different areas. This is a process that directs the energy from the practitioner into your body to the various places it should be at to heal you. Even though they are channeling energy from their bodies to yours, you will not rob them of any energy.

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Homes That Fit Exclusive Lifestyles

In Palm Beach Gardens, FL homes can range from the exclusive to the cozy and comfortable. Within the beautifully manicured neighborhoods that comprise of multimillion dollar estates down to single story town homes there are people that are living the life they have always imagined for themselves. Nestled in the luscious landscaping of the privately gated communities are many homes that each has a distinct style and elegance about them.

For some owners of the highly prized real estate, Palm Beach Gardens offers the amenities of private club living with access to golf, tennis and swimming at the resident’s only country club. With all of the luxuries afforded to the wealthy set of people, the quiet winding drives of the community are a perfect place to keep a vacation villa or a small cozy hideaway.

For some residents of the exclusive neighborhoods the ability to come and go as they see fit also includes a private dock where they can birth their yacht or sailboat when it is not out on the open seas. With access to the own dock that is equipped with a winch caring for their seagoing vessel is a simple matter of convenience. From the larger estates that are tucked away behind high walls and tree lined streets the residents of the upper level home’s can enjoy a life of luxury and seclusion. With their own pools, spas and even wine cellars many of the estates spread out across 7,500 to 12,000 square feet of luxurious living space.

In the smaller and quainter accommodations of patio homes and town homes the residents of the gated communities are also invited to share in the upscale living of an exclusive country club membership that offers a number of exercises and activities for those that enjoy spending their time under the warm Florida sun. Having access to private dining in the country club or hosting their own lavish event in the ballroom of the stately clubhouse owners of the Palm Beach Gardens, FL homes are able to treat themselves to the finer things in life that are available to the private club members.

With breathtaking views of the waterfront and some homes offering private beach access there is always something to do to entertain the residents that have chosen to live in the exclusive neighborhoods. From the deep waterways that can accommodate the largest private seafaring vessels to the intimate pools that encircle the world class golf course the people that have chosen to live in the finely appointed Palm Beach Gardens, FL homes are learning that they can have everything that their heart desires.

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Feng Shui Element Quiz – 9 Quick Tips For Feng Shui on a Budget

Feng Shui Element Quiz

You may have concern about the current global financial situation Or you may have wanted to do some feng shui fix-its to help boost those lagging finances but thought you simply can’t afford any new furnishings, decorations and paint. But feng shui doesn’t necessarily have to cost money – and you sure don’t want to spend money on feng shui that you simply don’t have! So what’s a person to do when they’re on a budget, but still want to make a big impact on their home, office & surroundings?

Here are a few tips you can implement quickly, simply and inexpensively to help turn those wealth-woes around…

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before!

As my own teacher always says, “Clean like God’s coming!” and I couldn’t agree more. Cleaning doesn’t cost a dime, but it’s the first place to start with any type of feng shui adjustment. When you clean with care, consciousness and love, you’re putting your tender attention into everything you touch – charging it energetically, removing stagnancy and sending ripples out into the Universe saying “I love and care for what I have – and I’m ready to receive more!” If God were coming over for dinner today, how would you ready your home for the arrival? Take time this week to start cleaning on that deep, detailed level and see how much more abundant you feel!

2. Let go of the Downers

Releasing those things that no longer serve us can do wonders for the energy of a space. As another teacher once told me: “Everything in your home is talking to you… just make sure it’s saying something nice!” Our homes are an exact reflection of our entire life. So for every negative, broken, guilt-ridden, outdated “downer” in our homes, there is a less-than-helpful belief that’s being trapped there too, chitter-chattering away at us subconsciously.

Imagine for a moment your FAVORITE place on the planet! Close your eyes, and bring that image to mind. Sit with it, feel into it… notice how your body reacts, expands and melts! Now, go through the objects, artwork, furniture, colors and fabrics in your home. One at a time look at them, and notice how you FEEL. Is it similar to your fantasy vacation spot? Or does it create heaviness, neutrality, constriction, sadness or tension?

On a feng shui consultation last week, a client said to me after I’d told her to shop for specific items: “So it sounds like I need to go out and FEEL things…” and I couldn’t have said it better myself! Just like with the principles of manifesting and Law of Attraction, it is the emotions that we feel that create our own realities and magnetize experiences to us. Using your home to evoke only those emotions that bring joy, expansion and abundance is the best way to utilize the creative powers of feng shui.

3. Strut Your Stuff!

Do you have special dishes only brought out for guests? Are there items of clothing you only wear for special occasions? Got antiques growing dust in the attic? Do the fancy soaps only sit out when you’ve got company? As many people discover, life is short. So why not strut your stuff (literally) while you can! There’s no time like the present to put your favorite things on parade! Gobble up their yummy feel-good vibes as you fill your home with nothing but the best of the best. Display your favorite books, get out the good towels, wear your favorite dress and sip soy milk from a crystal goblet! Feeling good is the name of life’s game. So find whatever ways you can to surround yourself with beauty, inspiration and magic as often as humanly possible.

4. Move It Or Lose It

Have you ever noticed that once you place an object somewhere, you very quickly stop noticing it altogether? The easiest and fastest way to freshen up the energy in any space is to move things around! There is an old saying in Feng Shui that says your life will change if you move 21 things – and the premise of that saying is a wise one indeed. Simply taking the same ol’ stuff and arranging it differently, draws new attention and energy to it. So if you’re feeling stuck, bored or uninspired, try this super-simple remedy to light a fire in your feng shui engine.

5. Get in the Flow

Blocked walkways, tight seating arrangements, too-full closets and stuffed drawers are symbolic of stuck thinking and cramped concepts. We want your home to reflect your higher, ideal self – one that is fluid, open, loving and bright. Walk through your home today and assess your space. Then move things out of the way that get in your way! Do you have furniture in your hallway? Clutter behind the doors? Far too many clothes in your closet? Or ominous sharp-edged furniture in a passageway? It won’t cost you a dime to de-clutter, but it can cost you big-time if you don’t. Feng Shui Element Quiz

6. Be in AWE…

Have you ever had a spiritual experience washing dishes? Cleaning the toilet? Sweeping the driveway? Or folding your laundry? Any task, large or small, mundane or impactful, can be done with a sense of awe and reverence. Note those tasks that normally avoid, dread, or put you to sleep. How can you bring joy and life into these seemingly unimportant motions?

Think back to the native Japanese culture – with their tea ceremonies, clean & simple homes and hushed Zen gardens. Their lives were not fixated with achievement, glory and goods, but rather honor, simplicity, awareness and presence. Take tips from generations past, and bring them into your current modern life. Tend to the details within your home as if they were your lover’s body. Be gentle and thoughtful, go slowly and thoughtfully, be methodical and present when you care for your space… The energy will radiate back to you tenfold.

7. Get Your Hands Dirty

Nature is the perfect feng shui balancing act. With just the perfect blend of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, nature can bring you into alignment within just a few mere minutes. Full of ever-changing life-force and energy, nature is a sure-fire way of sloughing off stagnancy and overall stuckness. Just spend a few minutes opening up your windows, lifting the blinds, talking to your plants or digging in the dirt can help slow you down and open your eyes to the miracles of nature surrounding us. Tapping into this system that is more vast and complex than any of our petty worldly worries can often times bring back that sense of wonder and awe that is perfect medicine to adjust your internal Ch’i. So get out there, plant a seed and just sit and watch it grow – it’s fast, it’s free and it’s great feng shui.

8. Go Shopping in Your Own House

That’s right! Get out there and shop… in your own house! Stroll through your home today as if you were browsing through your favorite home decor store… If you were strolling through its isles today, would you spend your hard-earned dollars on the items currently in your home? I know, I know… you already own them. But put on your double-agent eyes for a bit and really start to study your stuff. If you wouldn’t lay down the big bucks for your current home’s decor, then why in the world is it there to begin with? Grab a bag, walk the “isles” and pick out only those things that still curl your toes and knock off those socks! Once you’re done, take these special pieces and put them for all to see… (and considering getting rid of the rest). You’ll never go shopping in the same way again.

9. Color Your World

As I love to say: “There’s no bigger bang for your buck than paint!” No sofa, statue or artistic masterpiece can ever hold as much visual POW! for a room than an outstanding color on your walls. For the cost of a gallon of paint, you can feel like you’re living in your very own gallery. Color not only is aesthetically beautiful, but has the mystical powers to evoke emotions – some subtle, some strong. Using color as medicine for your home (and spirit) can help a shy person be bold, a nervous person feel calm or a hot-headed person feel soft and loving. So splash a color on those walls… note the effect. Play, experiment, paint again! Let the shades color your inner…and outer… worlds.

Now, go back through and highlight your favorite tips from above and make a plan to implement them today, this week or this month. Whatever you do, don’t stop now: Action is the key that puts your energy into motion so the Universe can interact and impact you in powerful, playful and pretty darn eye-popping ways.

Better yet, hop to it right now – there’s no better time to start that in this very perfect moment. So…are you ready? Set? Go Feng Shui! Feng Shui Element Quiz

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The Hype About Herbal Chinese Tea

When herbal Chinese tea is mentioned, it is simply the medicinal herbal tea made from Chinese medicinal herbs. These herbs are boiled in water and served like a tea but without the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. These medicinal herbs are mixed together for their medicinal or physical results and are called ‘tea’ even without the physical presence of the tea plant. This herb tea is a kind of tea soup from Guangdong and is made to cool off the body because of the hot and humid weather in that area. However, this is the traditional herbal Chinese tea which is very much different from the herbal Chinese tea we know of today. 

Herbal Remedies 

The herbal Chinese tea we know of today is usually any tea that is blended with herbs, flowers or fruits either to cure an illness or to just sooth the body. Here are some common herbs that are mixed with tea and the remedies they are known for: 

1. Chamomile is the herb known for calming the nerves, relieving stomach pains and preventing ulcers.

2. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It also reduces cholesterol and prevents the formation of blood clots thus preventing heart attacks.

3. Ginseng is used to increase energy and protects the liver and stimulates the immune system.

4. Raspberry Leaf is used to help prevent miscarriage during pregnancy, help lessen the effect of morning sickness and treat uterine problems.

5. Peppermint helps in indigestion and bowel irritability problems.

6. Ginger prevents internal blood clots thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. It can also be used for motion sickness and to sooth the throat.

7. Honey helps in reducing cholesterol and can help heal wounds.

8. Licorice is used to relieve ulcers and sore throats.

9. Anise can flush out parasites from the body, treat digestive problems, relieve menstrual cramps and alleviate toothaches.

10. Cinnamon is used to treat colds, diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Some of these herbs should be bruised before mixing with your tea leaves to bring out its properties while others should be fresh or dried, whole or grounded. Also, you should know how much quantity of these herbs can be used for one serving to avoid any allergies or untoward incidents. 

Herbal Chinese Teas

There are over the counter herbal Chinese tea nowadays that have already been combined with some natural herbs to add to the inherent benefits that the so-called tea brings. This is called the tisane, an infusion of various plants which may include fresh or dried flowers, roots, leaves, seeds or bark of trees, without the tea plant.

There is also what is termed as flavored tea, which is the actual tea plant or processed tea plant like green tea, black tea, white tea or oolong tea mixed with a plant or flower. This is done to enhance the inherent properties of the tea with that of the flower’s or plant’s medicinal properties, like Earl Grey is black tea with bergamot or Jasmine tea is Oolong tea with Jasmine flowers.

The hype about herbal Chinese tea is that whether you go for the traditional or the flavored tea both types are consumed for their medicinal or health benefits. However, there are also safety precautions that should be taken because some herbs may have toxic or allergic reactions. The fact remains that herbal teas cannot make substantiated claims of their medicinal effects because these are traditional to Chinese or Asian cultures only and no documented studies have been made on these herbal teas.

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