Feng Shui and Furniture Placement

Feng shui, when translated directly into English means “wind-water.” While those with little Eastern cultural understanding, and a struggle with symbolism, may find this nonsense, when you consider that feng shui is a combination of psychology, geography and astronomy, it becomes easier to understand. By utilizing the best parts of the heavens and earth, simple aesthetics can lead you down a smoother, happier road. But how does all this relate to business?

A good place to start in feng shui is where you place your desk. Facing a doorway head on, you have no more advantage over a visitor than they do over you. There is no chance to prepare. No time to think about an approach to earning their business or preparing for a potential confrontation.

A more optimal placement of a desk is facing a door but not directly in front of it. This gives you time to react instead of being taken by surprise. People take this subtle placement for granted but it prepares you to handle a day. Whether a potential client or an angry customer is coming through your door, sometimes a few seconds is all you need to adequately prepare yourself psychologically for earning new business or diffusing a volatile situation.

Any time you set up a room at your house or a workstation at your place of employment, you are creating feng shui. In other words, you are setting the environment for how it can best facilitate your needs and happiness. So if it works for where you place your desk, why wouldn’t it also work for the things that are on your desk? Placing your pens and notebooks where you can best get to them helps you better handle matters of business on the go. Giving your computer mouse room to move and your CPU a wide area of freedom clear of your legs as you swing them under the desk also helps with mental preparation. Using the principles of desk placement, you can easily make smaller feng shui decisions, which lead to better comfort and ability to do your work.

But what about employee relations? Working well and getting along with others is a very important part of any job, and combining urges toward feng shui and thoughtful desk placement can help here, too. Placing the desks of beginner employees next to those with more experience allows “newbies” to more easily get answers to their questions and speed through on the job training for a greater understanding of their roles with the company and an easier transition into performing those roles to the best of their abilities.

Office desk placement may not seem like an important matter until you start considering the ways that environment can work for the good of all employees. Pay closer attention, and it will be better feng shui for everyone.

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The Reiki Master Who Went to ULTRA 2009

Energies surround us all the time, we are made of it, and we can get in tune and out of tune with several energies. Since my childhood I was very inspired and energized by music, from all different styles, what I am going to explain was my experience in the last music festival that happened in Miami, Florida, recently in March 2009.

Since I started my reiki studies and development I noticed that my awareness of location energies was always present, I have always enjoyed live music and lots of people congregations, but never realized how much energy was exchanged in this type of events.

This was my third time attending this music festival, and for first the time I decided to make a full reiki experience, I connected to the energies in the location, at first I was afraid to start a reiki exchange in a place with over hundred thousand people, but the experience turned out to be amazing. When I put my hands in the air, and went along with the music, the dance, the vibration, the lights, the flashing lights and all energies present in the place. I had one of the most amazing reiki experiences to date.

The official presenter mentioned over eighty different countries were represented at the music festival, and I am sure I felt other reiki masters were present at the event doing the same thing, the flow of energy was fantastic, I did not witness any fights or trouble, I truly believe that in a not so distant future, mankind will have even bigger events like this one.

Somehow the beat of the music brought me back in time to a place where there was only fire, and music was the main attraction, and I had over 100,000 brothers and sisters there jumping to the same tune, all in peace. And who knows, maybe the evil extraterrestrials that were going to destroy planet Earth on the last weekend of March 2009 were amazed with what they saw in Downtown Miami, and turned around to look for a more boring planet to destroy.

We will never know…

Francisco J Zangerolame
email: fzangerolame@aol.com
I am a software developer and CRM specialist, I build call centers with over 800 seats for the cruise industry, and currently work as a project manager in the medical industry.
Started a full time mortgage business in 2005, but the Real Estate Market did not help my plans.
Student Pilot and active Volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol.
Other software I created Lotto.exe and WebAssistant for Kids available at Download.com
Author of “The Bloody Ship” fictional story available at Mobipocket.com

Flaunting Lifestyles is the gem of a matter

It is nothing like flaunting your style; it has become almost a rage of flaunting your lifestyle all for nothing. Though, it seems to be the most common questions of discussion among the today’s youth. But lifestyles in the broader term are quite different from what is being discussed among the youth. Lifestyle in general is the way of leading your own life. But here it is quite different and the influence that today’s youth are facing or rather getting and this is mostly related to the matter of the fashionable style you would like to flaunt. They are trying to simply follow a trend.

Throughout the ages, Adonis is subjected to various kinds of discussions, from masculinity of a growing physique. Flaunting his style is like maintaining a decent lifestyle as per the choice of today’s trendy youth and making somewhat an enviable presence. Hough to some it may seem to be some kind of a psychological disorder. It is becoming like projecting or somewhat flaunting of someone else’s lifestyles as you own. Here it is like a sort of behaviors in making us available to the outer world. It has become almost a characteristic bundle of behaviors along with some mixture of habits.

The individual’s reflection of their lifestyles is becoming a related matter and this is very much closely related with the matter of discussing it it with friends and others. The lifestyles are increasingly becoming blurred in modern societies. The changing of the consumption pattern is being seen as making something of a smaller carbon footprint. Many psychologists see it as the depiction of the changing consumer pattern and also to make us further individualized with different products or services. As far as politics is concerned the lifestyle matter is closely related to anarchism or lifestyles of a type of anarchist society.

The upwardly mobile flaunt their lifestyles, which is generally perceived as outside the cultural norm. People with various lifestyles flaunt it to make it a new beginning. For some it may become somewhat as a alternative source of discussion of flaunting some muscle and giving somewhat a magnifying look of your triceps and biceps. The flaunting of lifestyles is closely related to the projecting of someone’s masculinity and also feminist. Though this may be closely related to some close figures of some mythical figures from the Greek mythology, like Adonis or Venus and this may be definitely envied by today’s youth. But for some it may have become as somewhat as some psychological shortcomings.

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Creative Shoes for Creative Lifestyles

There are those who just wear their clothes as they are. They don’t tweak the style of a shirt or wear the belt in a unique way. They also don’t alter in anyway their clothes and for some, this is a very boring way of wearing your clothes. The same goes for the shoes.

There are those who tweak the color of their shoes and one of the most favorite of people to make a pair of creative shoes from are converse all stars and Dr. Martens. One should make a statement and wear their clothes as they please, also make sure that it doesn’t look ridiculous.

Creative shoes are great for the young ones as it really reflects their personality, especially if they were the ones who tweaked it and altered it as they please. A pair of plain white converse can be painted to make a brand new pair of creative shoes that will never have a replica and will absolutely show a person’s personality and creative style.

A pair of Dr. Martens in any color can be spray painted in neon or glossy colors and can also be added a few studs or anything as what a person feels like.

It is a pleasure for the spectator to see several creative shoes on the streets. It is quite fascinating also to see the classic sneakers to be turned to a funky high-heeled pair of shoes for women.

Being creative with your clothes and shoes is a beginning of a good future, at least for those who want to have a career in the artist’s industry.

Take for example the super odd high-heeled shoes recently attracted worldwide attention, which is designed by Kobi Levi, an Israel stylist. The design of slide heel is really funny and creative. With the launch of the nine-inch Sky Heel, many women feel confused. Sky Heel is now the tallest heel available on the market, measuring an incredible 9 inches. It’s probably not something one would use for running or mountain trekking but it sure is an interesting pair of shoes. Not only did it take talent and inspiration to create it, but it would also use talent to wear it.

Altering a pair of shoes first can help people to use their creative juices that can also be enhanced if they wish to join the fashion industry in the future.

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The Rich And Righteous Lifestyles Of Modern Christians

As human being, we are born more than once, in fact.


The first time we are born is when our pregnant mother delivers us into this world, into this life, her hand being held your father’s hand. She is in great pain as is the nature of human childbirth. But all the pain and suffering she has been through in the last nine months of her life quickly dissipates like they never happened in the first place the moment she hears the first cry of her baby, your first gasp for air, and suddenly everything is alright once again. She holds you close and she kisses your forehead. You are born now as a human being.


Several weeks or even a month later, you are born once again, as a follower of Christ, and as a believer of the Creator. This second birth is celebrated through the act of baptism. You may not be aware of it right now, but this is no doubt one of the most important moments of your life. This is your second birth and it is far more significant than the first one. You being born as a follower of Christ will shape your life and affect how you make decisions in the future.


As followers of Christ we are thought the lessons of the Bible verses by topic. The Holy Scriptures tell us that the Creator had made the universe and He saved mankind from natural disasters. The Creator also sent his Son to his death so He could save us from our sins.



We have been forgiven by the Creator, and as believers of the Creator and Jesus Christ, we are promised eternal life in heaven as long as we uphold the Christian faith.


Yet some followers of Christ take all of this for granted. Some tend to take these Bible verses by subject lessons the wrong way.


The most significant aspect of having faith in the Creator is first and foremost speaking with Him on a regular basis. This is through constant reading of the Holy Scriptures, with the conscious effort of trying to learn the verses by heart little by little over time. Very few followers of Christ are aware that this goes a long way in their faith.


‘Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”‘ John 3:3 ESV


Remember, Holy Scripture reading and constant prayer, it is the way of the modern Christian to show his love for the Creator.

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Holistic Therapies on the Rise – 5 Benefits of Holistic Therapies

More and more people are now looking to take control and responsibility for the own health and happiness instead of relying on traditional medicine once a medical concern presents itself. Holistic Therapies are a natural way to heal allowing one to treat and heal themselves, without expensive and often toxic medication found in conventional medications.

In America it is estimated people are spending a billion dollars annually on alternative health products such as vitamins, herbs and alternate healing. Studies have also shown that Alternative Therapies and Complementary Therapies have been used by 72 million people in America alone which shows people are becoming more and more open to holistic healing therapies.

There are many different types of Healing available which included Hands on Healing, Reiki, Faith Healing, Herbs, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture and Chiropractic. The choice of therapy a person prefers is individual and people are guided by what they feel most comfortable with.

5 Benefits of Holistic Therapies

1. These types of therapies can be used to heal medical problems but also are a very powerful form of preventative medicine as well, using only natural ingredients and healing methods, with no toxic effects on the body.

2. They are excellent for stress relief which is believed to be one of the major causes of disease and illness world wide today.

3. They are also excellent in controlling pain relief for many people on a daily basis i.e. Reiki or any form of hands on healing.

4. Generally these therapies are inexpensive especially compared with traditional medical treatments and consultations.

5. Holistic therapies heal a person on all levels including physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which traditional medicine often overlooks when treating a patient.

Naturally at times you will need to consult your doctor for treatment although when incorporating healing therapies into your lifestyle many people have found this to be greatly reduced.

Holistic Therapies treats the whole person on all levels which promotes a healthier way of living whilst allowing the individual to maintain control of their own health and happiness. To learn more about holistic healing and the benefits visit http://www.Universalhealingcentre.com/holistichealing.php for further information.

Try Chinese Herbal Medicine For Improved Health and Well-Being

Chinese herbal medicine has been utilized by health practitioners in eastern countries for several thousand years. The belief behind these herbal remedies is that the body must be kept in a condition of equilibrium in order to maintain health and well being, and that disease can strike if the flow of energy through the system is not kept in balance.

Individuals who are supporters of herbal medicine assert that the efficacy of these treatments is better established than that of most of the modern medications that are wide available these days. They have been used by a wide variety of persons of all ages and circumstances, and have stood the test of time.

Other people take a more restrained point of view and claim that herbal medicine ought to be employed in conjunction with recent medication. Herbal treatments and the acupuncture techniques that regularly go along with them are useful to patients experiencing a variety of illnesses and diseases. Nevertheless it would be foolish to entirely substitute contemporary medical approaches with these remedies in the instance of severe health conditions. Rather, they should be used to augment the effects of the treatment recommended by your physician. Additionally, they can help to diminish the side effects of certain medications and therapeutic procedures.

Herbal medicine is not solely comprised of the medicines that are dispensed according to each person’s requirements. Instead, there is a progression of techniques that are used, among which is herbal healing. The other components of this ancient approach that has been developed to keep the body functioning well are acupuncture, nutritional therapy, physical activity and appropriate lifestyle changes. All of these procedures join to make an individual healthier in day to day living, and since their life is better balanced, they are less likely to get sick.

There are a few people, especially in the West, who may be uneasy about the safety of the herbs that are administered. But be aware that these herbs have been used on millions of patients for thousands of years, and are still being used by the greater part of the Eastern world.

There are a few adverse reactions to some herbs, but these are uncommon, especially in comparison to those linked to the drugs that are produced and administered these days. Contemporary medications are synthetic and can be deadly to the system in a lot of ways. Herbal remedies, in contrast, utilize completely natural therapeutic elements and are thus considered to be less harmful than what is given by means of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Ancient Chinese medicine has a lot to offer people, even in today’s modern society. It has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years, and it’s every bit as effective today as it was then. Learn more about the advantages of this ancient practice at Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Control Your Peace With Feng Shui

Life can be a hectic and chaotic place. But by learning some tips about feng shui, you can organize your spaces and best take advantage of them. When you are in control of your envorinment, you can prevent it from becoming an obstacle to you.

Feng shui specializes in the art of how our spaces can be designed and rearranged in order to give us balance and harmony. The position of where you play your desk or bed can really determine the harmony you feel in that space and affect your overall health and concentration and focus when you are in those spaces.

One of the most important concepts of feng shui is bagua, a term that means the map of feng shui, a tool we use to determine the balance of our various living spaces. An octagon with nine areas that correspond to the nine areas in our life, this map helps us to determine and evaluate each of these spaces and the way they are or are not in balance.

There are five main elements that you need to keep in mind when you are harmonizing and balancing your various living spaces: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. All of these elements change the energy of the space they are in and also move in different directions. Chi is the energy that is always changing and moving depending on these five elements and feng shui really studies the way chi moves and behaves while interacting with all of the objects and things around us.

Some things you can do in your house to restore the harmony and improve your life are simple and easily accomplished. Place items in your front and backyard that create motion such as garden stakes, figures, and make them brightly colored. Adding flower plans in groups of threes on the way to your front door, especially red flowers, also bring harmony to the entrance of your home. You want to get rid of any dead flowers in your spaces, since they are dead, they could make your wealth be dead and you will want to replace them with fake or silk flowers.

Also have real plants and flowers around the house. Having less furniture around the house is better as too much can make you feel cramped and can restrict you ability to prosper productively. Also, moving your furniture around from time to time will help relieve the tension that one arrangement might have brought on as you are constantly changing the flow of energy in your house. You might find that one flow helps you better than another as you make new space and harmony and balance than there existed before.

Always keep the kitchen well stocked with food as it will give you an inner sense of being more abundant and keep cleaning supplies like brooms and mops totally out of sight. Keep your closets and drawers clean. Play calming music in your spaces, natural sounds like ocean waves or forest noises or the sound of falling rain, anything natural that helps your working environment or home. Burn fragrant candles or incense to make your house seem like an exotic and flowery world where you find peace. Burn a fire in the hearth if you like the soft and natural ambience of real light.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

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Holistic Community ? A realistic and holistic approach

Our body which is a combination of five elements requires that all these elements be in a balanced way to keep the entre metabolic system healthy and functioning properly.Many times imbalances does occur which leads to diseases of many types. To cure these diseases there are many types of treatment faculties available of which Allopath was the major one, till a few years ago. But it was realized that it wasn’t a complete cure from the root. Hence, other alternatives were explored upon and various forms of alternate therapies have been identified and followed upon that are gradually gaining popularity. This Holistic Community of Alternative Medicine and Complimentary Therapy has many advantages to its credit of which the major one is that they carry no side / adverse effects and that they remove the root cause of the problem.

There are numerous such therapies and alternative medicines that singularly or in combination with other therapies, spirituality and science and are being adopted to effectively treat even the most complicated and serious types of diseases. All these therapies and treatments are not newly found ones but have been followed by our ancestors from the early days. They have been following a certain principled life in which many rituals and customs were followed that had in them these therapies within themselves in a hidden form. Interestingly they were adopted as a part of normal lifestyle thereby making them work not as cures but as preventions for many diseases.

One simple and powerful example of the Complimentary Therapy is the Indian Oil Massage. It has been followed since ages in India where it was a compulsory life routine to go for an oil massage once in a week on the head, scalp, the neck, back, arms, shoulders, and face followed by a hot water bath. This massage ensures that the skin and the underlying tissues are well lubricated and helps in streamlining the blood circulation, releases the muscles of tensions and cleanses the body of all types of toxins. Regular practice of this massage acted as a preventive that ensured that no toxin is accumulated, the entire body is relaxed thereby preventing it form being affected by diseases relating to toxins, tensions and nerve, muscular or blood circulation related problems.

With change of time, people had gradually left behind these and followed a different path. But after realizing their ignorance and at the same time the powerful effect of Alternative Medicine and the various types of therapies, after many years, people are making an about turn. Such Holistic Communities are on a rise but this is true that the same are being brought back in a much refined and practical form easily practicable in today’s situation.

With advent of Internet it has become easier for people to know more about these alternative medicines and therapies and it has been noticed that many are using the Health Forum as the best platform to get to know about specific such alternative treatments for their specific health problems.

For gathering more info about alternative medicine or about complementary therapy, and also about health forum, please check out these links.

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Massage Reiki Table: The Way To Relaxation

For many people, the ultimate way to relax is to get a massage.  The firm yet soothing ministrations of a massage can help you forget your worries for a while as well as treat sore and fatigued muscles.  An essential piece of chiropractic equipment is the massage table.  A massage Reiki table provides support so you can relax and be soothed.

Reiki massage is actually a combination of two distinct healing techniques.  The Japanese art of Reiki is an energy healing therapy.  Practitioners use spiritual connection to help heal a person’s spirit and aura.  Massage, on the other hand, is a chiropractic therapy that involves kneading and manipulating the body to encourage healing and relaxation.  By combining the two treatments into Reiki massage you get an entirely new healing therapy that is said to be able to treat both physical and mental ailments. 

In Reiki massage, it’s essential to be completely relaxed and comfortable and that begins with the Reiki massage table.  A key to Reiki is to treat four areas of the body called chakra: the head, body, legs/feet and back.  For that reason, the massage table should be comfortable enough that you can lie without putting undue stress on these areas.  A part of the massage equipment is a head rest with an open center.  This allows you to comfortably lay face down while you get your chiropractic treatment.  You can comfortably breathe in and out as your masseuse works, letting go of your ailments and worries. 

Since Reiki massage is very effective when it’s done correctly, it’s important to know what to expect so that you won’t have a bad experience.  The portable massage table should be big and sturdy enough to support your weight and hold you comfortably.  Other massage equipment may be used, but it’s not necessary.  It depends on who is doing your massage.  Reiki therapy is completely safe and won’t cause injury, and in fact it’s not essential that your masseuse actually touches you during the treatment.    When done correctly, your mind and body will hopefully feel calm and relaxed. 

A portable massage Reiki table can give you anytime access to a very therapeutic chiropractic treatment.  Setting up a table doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, but the experience offers you big results.  With the right massage equipment and a thorough massage you can totally enjoy the experience.  Stretching out on the massage table is your way to relaxation.

Reiki Session by Melody on Dmitri – I have wanted to bring Melody from Aboveallhealing to my channel, she is a Reiki Healer, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist. Thr…

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