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I just sneezed the cream, said the author of two Tecl goals

Attacker Stanislav Tecl has scored two goals in one league match in Jablonec after winning a 3-0 victory over soccer player neighboring Liberec but he did not feel like a hero. He was particularly glad that his team dominated the

The judges will train in Portugal, Listkiewicz has pleased progress

The judges’ committee of the Czech Football Association wants to increase the quality of the judges over the winter, and it is best to prepare them for the tough spring fights in the first league. At the same time, he

VIDEO Šatan spuštěn nádech fanouškem: Hokejová legenda po dlouhé mlčení promluvila

He came to Slovan in December, he was hiding with the secret of the mystery, and he had little to know where he is or is training. The first month he did not, he needed to roll. Since the New

VIDEO In the final after a big fight, Clijsters

NEW YORK – Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters set up second to become the second women’s singles finalist in the final fourth USS Grand Slam tournament in New York. Miestna & scaron, ampi & oacute in the 2005 and 2009