Cibulkova away five mečbalov and is in the 3rd round of US Open

NEW YORK. Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulková won the Thursday meeting 2nd round women’s singles final at the fourth Grand Slam tournament of the season US Open in New York (August 30 to September 12, total money USD 22,668,000, hard surface DecoTurf II outside) above also nenasadenou a Ukrainian Kateryna Bondarenko in the second fight each other for 193 minutes 6: 2, 5: 7, 7: 6 (7).

In the third set, while tajbrejku was losing 4: 6 and were the only mečbaly he faces: they altogether because of the match turned five. Sam used the second chance, first in their own administration. Cibulkova paradoxically accumulated one point less (123: 124). Procedure to thirdWheel offset its maximum

Advancing while lead had been apparently irreversible lead 6: 2, 4: 1 (single-Break), so you can avoid the drama. In principally although offset immediate rebrejkom on 2: 2 and subsequently adjusted for the 3: 2 (through critical score 12:40), but then missed altogether 5 brejkbalov, 3 of them in a row – 3: 3rd In the seventh game itself Cibulkova lost service for 3 – 4 after laborious geme 3 and 5

. As administering the ninth game Slovakian averted a series of three mečbalov and adjusted to 4: 5, and even subsequently added needed rebrejk 5: 5th Continuous turnover 6 5 4 through completed the threats. In the 12thGame two was two balls of triumph, but tajbrejkovej lottery did not avoid.

Cibulkova almost reminded her little sports tragedy of the Melbourne January’s Australian Open, where her duel in the first round of an American Vania King enough 5: 1 and 40:15 in the third part.

Slovenky stopped or 9 double faults. Ukrainian suffered from lower efficiency in the use brejkbalov (6/21 versus 7 of 14).

Cibulkova after his triumph 2: 6, 4: 6, 7: 5 above and Swiss Stefanie Vögeleovou in round 1 of the SITA Commenting on the next grueling concluded: “Kateryna is quite unpredictable.

< p> you can beat quality toys and play with weaker.However, it will depend on my game and I have no reason not to believe you mastered today’s match I just added confidence. “Fed Cup support SR finally nevertheless confirmed that the 24-year-old 59th player of computerized order K. Bondarenko, who was already on the 29th place in the system, knows the recipe. the year before last summer it defeated Stanford 6: 2, 6: 3rd Cibulkova: it was like the biggest carousel

“it is indeed very difficult to assess such a match a couple of sentences. It was like the biggest roller coaster – up, down, up, down…I had a 6: 2, 4: 1, everything completely under control, but then I eased a bit.I stopped playing aggressively than previously and Kateryna not a bad toy. “

” She grabbed at it, it came out a few balls, I returned it to the game. The second set I escaped through his fingers. Third, I have indeed started by because I knew that I had to change something and going to balls, but not easy to get back into it, “noted Dominika Cibulková SITA, adding:

” It was wear to but I think I deserve prevailed. I handed over on the court really absolutely everything, though that game was not optimal. One needs something like this to catch.I’m terribly happy that I managed it today. “

About zlomovýchh situations Cibulkova said:” For those looking mečbaloch Kateryna could not play better. I have then acted really well, I have aggressively pushed her out forehand, almost always like it and finished. Bondarenko did what she could, but in three – four longer exchanges I chased her, I handled it perfectly. Towards the end I began to experience cramps while since we played long exchange in terrible heat. “

” She even summoned before the tie-break physiotherapist.Previously, it seemed no longer to play even one ball, only for the approximately 10-minute break suddenly came and began to burn it. Suddenly, I was losing 4: 6 and they were terribly difficult time, when you see a surplice on his knees and then returns and drops it there. “

” The mine converted match point I striked little spun out the first service and Kateryna He gave a bad return. It seemed that she wanted to play some slajz as if she could not. For her, it all must be very frustrating, I have a great feeling. “Cibulkova in the thirdround against Dominguez Lino

Twice runner-up from the WTA Tour Cibulkova among the top 32 measured forces with the 29-year-old Spanish qualifier Lourdes Dominguez Lino, which features on the 148th place in the ranking, but once was and the 40th position.

On Thursday cope with about 10 years younger Polish rekonvalescentkou after back problems Urszula Radwanska 6: 2, 7: 5th Only 163 cm tall native of Pontevedra Dominguez Lino has never been a Grand Slam third round. Winner clay tournament in Bogota in 2006 managed the same way as now two matches at Roland Garros Paris, 2008.The US Open in four previous starts in the main competition at least once passed the first round.

“I’m not saying Dominguez Lino is one of the most difficult possible súperiek, but it will be important not to underestimate anything. Španielka must play well when the Grand Slam third round. From a slow passing skills, but certainly tired. me a little feel pain in my Achilles, the need to recover, “said D. Cibulková.

Bratislavčanka twenty one year old Cibulkova, currently 45th in the world rankings, now has 129 championship USA security 160 points in the rankings and a check for 50 000 USD.Last year in the area USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows location forcibly absent for fatigue fracture of a rib, so thanks to the increase in current two rounds attacking Top 40.

semifinalist Paris of clay Roland Garros 2009 so far has been the highest in 12 . position. The US Open is the history of its maximum predvlaňajšie third round, when local debut in 2007, Lucia secondround.

Zverenkyňa Croatian coach Zeljko Krajan Cibulková during the summer overseas series of preparatory events very successful: in New York, arrived with a balance of 4: 6, with two triumphs achieved in New Haven “only” in qualifying.

For the heroine of the event on the main professional circuit on grass in Birmingham in the 2008 season Katerynu Bondarenko remains local and overall Grand Slam record of last year’s quarterfinals.

The younger of the famous tennis sisters in 2008 rejoiced in deblových trophies at the Melbourne Australian Open – alongside Alon was the success of family character. This season Katerynu stopped in projection problems with the left knee. Now, in the firstChinese women decommissioning of the surprise Li, eight Results (2: 6, 6: 4, 6: 2).

Cibulková on Thursday still is – again on court no. 6 – alongside Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the first round of the doubles pair home with a free card Herringová Lauren, Grace Minová.

Already on Wednesday he forwarded through an American Vania King (5: 7, 6: 3, 6: 4) to New York singles 3rd round Daniela Hantuchová on Friday will face the Russian Deer Dementieva. In the 1st round of the competition singlový women parted Magdaléna Rybáriková and qualifier Zuzana Kučová, the men already in the first round played the Lukáš Lacko and qualifier Martin Kližan. Women – Singles – Round 2:

Statistics: Cibulkova – K.Bondarenko first administration (in percentage%): 77 of 129 = 60% – 67 out of 118 = 57% utilization of the first administration: 45 of 77 = 58% – 36 of 67 = 54% utilization of the second administration of 24 out of 52 = 46% – 28 out of 51 = 55% Ace: 0-3 Double faults: 11-6 points obtained in the intake 54 of 118 = 46% – 60 out of 129 = 47% utilization brejkbalov: 7 out of 14 = 50% – 6 of 21 = 29% of total collected the ball: 123-124