Djokovic and Kvitova are the first masters of the world for the first time

World champions in the men’s squad are American twins Bob and Mike Bryanovci, who have triumphed for the eighth time.

The Czech Republic is among the winners in the women’s squad, where the world champions announced Květa Peschke and Slovenia Katarina Srebotnik. For this pair, it’s also a premiere success. The Czech Republic was definitely the best country in the ITF ranking, sports betting offers when Jiří Veselý was among the juniors.

Among Irish women won Irina Chromachevova. Esther Vergeer and Maikel Scheffers from the Netherlands can be awaiting the award, with Vergeer triumphing twelve times in a row.

Winners will receive ITF 5 prizes.June during the grandslam tournament in Paris Roland Garros. Djokovic has pushed Federer and Nadal Novak Djokovic to interrupt the hegemony of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. These two phenomenal tennis players have become world champions according to the ITF since 2003. Twenty-four-year-old Serbian in 2011 reached a string of 43 matches without losing and this season won three grandslam titles, winning Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

The assistant of the Slovak trainer Marián Vajda finished the year in the position of the world unit, in 2011 he won ten titles in doubles and his overall balance was 70: 6.

“I am proud to have become the world champion of the 2011 ITF. Beginning with the triumph of Serbia at the end of last year in the Davis Cup, it has been almost perfect for me for 12 months.I always dreamed of becoming the best in the world. This year I also won three grandslam titles and ended the year as a world unit, it’s really something special to me, “Djokovic said.

Djokovic also became an agent of the Bulgarian press agency BTA Balkan Sportsman of the Year , Won 91 points, followed by Croatian ski jumper Janica Kostelic with 61 points, third was Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stojcev (40 points)

The competition has been held by BTA annually since 1973 among sports journalists from 11 countries of the region. Last Lendl, now Kvitova

Petra Kvitova, after 21 years, became the first Czech tennis player with the honor of world champion in doubles according best online betting sites offers to ITF.Before her, she was the last to receive this prestigious award in 1990, a native of Ostrava representing the US, Ivan Lendl.

Twenty-one-year-old Kvitova won the first Grand Slam title in her career when she won the London Wimbledon Grass and in 2011 she enriched the statistics of six single primates.

“This award is for me a cherry on the torch after a great season, this year I won a grandslam title, I won the WTA championship and with the Czech team we triumphed in the Federation Cup as well, I will never forget this year, “Kvitova said.

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