Dortmund midfielder expected to insure Weigl

Early Christmas present to his fans gave ourselves a lead Borussia Dortmund, when just before kick-off tonight’s contest with Augsburg announced the signing of a new contract with the rising star of the football sky, Julian Weigl. Still only 21-year old midfielder extended for another two years, until the summer of 2021 …

Julian Weigl behind a completely dreamy 2016. At the Euro in France, although nekopl, the mere invitation but had paid for a giant success. Playroom mature midfielder, who Tuchelově system often holds the position of a single switchboard midfielder, was then rewarded for equal competition 50 starts.

Youth-focused analytical portal Outside of the Boot Dortmund hope a few days ago called for Europe’s young player of the year and British The Guardian for Weigl even found a place among hundreds of the best players in the world without any age limit (99).

Weigl for Dortmund already debuted as a nineteen year old teenager in August 2015, and gradually it began to snoop around various European famous clubs, headed by Real Madrid. However, midfielder himself says he did not see a single reason not to extend; himself, moreover, fresh signature salaries are probably better off.