Hamilton is the world champion

Sao Paulo, November 2 (TASR) – World Champion of the F1 race in the 2008 season for the first time in the career was British rider Lewis Hamilton of the McLaren Mercedes team. In the second place in the last season, Hamilton was replaced by Finn Kimi Räikkönen and at the age of 23, 9 months and 26 days he became the youngest champion in the series of ephemeris. The young Brit is also the first dark-skinned pilot to stand on the pedestal in the royals of motor racing.

The Brazilian Grand Prix at the sport.sme.sk

The summit of the Brazilian Grand Prix, the last in the season that has just finished, was decided by its overall triumph. Hamilton needed to finish at Interlagos in the 5th.Places, possibly relying on the hesitation of his only competitor in the fight for the title of Felipe Massu. Brazilian leader lost seven points. Finally, Hamilton completed the 71st round after finishing the 5th lap and although Massa eventually won the race in 1: 34: 11.435h, the final classification gave him a single point. Hamilton decided at the end

He decided on all of the essentials in a complete conclusion, which with its dramatic course will go into history. Hamilton held the 5th place until the 69th round, but Vettel was ahead of him, and the joy of McLaren was quickly transferred to the competition. In the last corner and at the moment when Massa was in the finish, he flipped over his head, but fifth Glock pushed ahead of Hamilton before Brit got 5.Position and what is the main – the title of world master. Ferrari’s sadness at least partly diminished the view of the Classification Cup in the Constructors’ Cup, which, just like last year, is traveling to a showcase of Italian stables.

A few minutes before the start of the spectacular seasonal finale, Sao Paulo launched a massive lejak over the circuit near Sao Paulo. The 10-minute delay of the start of the race was used by mechanics who were moving their tires on a wet surface. The second of the Trulli qualifier rankings was not severely cut after the red lights for Massu, the Brazilian retained a leading position in critical first bends. He cautioned Hamilton, who tactically defeated the 4th place.Coulthard did not finish his last big prize

David Coulthard had a great deal of fun. Scott’s racing car racing lasted for a collision with the young Piquet, after which they both left their monoposts for only a few seconds. The safety car appeared on the track, Kovalainen attacked Alons after his departure, but he got slipped and only happily did not feel in the grass. The opening rounds did not come, but Massa’s lead clearly increased the lead, and the Ferrari tactics fueled the third Räikkönen by bumping into Trulli.

Improved weather conditions and drying asphalt have prompted a massive visit by racers in boxes ranging from 9-10. wheels. The track was not yet sufficiently dry and several of them quickly fought the steering wheel at each turn.Meanwhile, Hamilton fell to 6th place, but in the target Straight ahead of Fisichella and got to the bar, which at that time guaranteed him the title. Massa walked as a well-lubricated machine Massa’s pet came like a well-lubricated machine, twice in a short spell of the fastest wheel, but the leader of the series did not run the team. Losing 17 seconds in Massu was not as important to Hamilton, it was important for him to avoid riding a bug, and it did.The excellent form of the previous races of the season was confirmed by Alonso, who, in an inconspicuous style, worked in Massa, but later Vettel was ahead of him.

The second visit to both Massa and Hamilton drives has made it easy, the title fight and half of the rounds still remained open. Hamilton had a room on the track, where nothing was extraordinary and if it was not the culmination of the year-long effort, the race would be characterized as boring…In the 51st round, Hamilton included in the cards Vettela’s third scheduled boxing visit, followed by a McLaren rider Already at 4th place and even more strengthened the championship.

However, fifteen laps before the end of the races have advised the riders at the headquarters of the rainy eventuality of the rain.He would have hammered Hamilton’s plans to the 4th place. The advantage of McLaren was the 6th place of Kovalainen, who istilled behind him and covered his fellow back. Six laps before the end of the track showed the first drops of rain and immediately started with the mass transfer. They did not hesitate in Ferrari and McLaren. Hamilton had put the shoes on the wet, but only two laps before Vettel was ahead of him, and he was a champion of Massa. The Brazilian was already celebrating the victory in the series when Britta was amazed with the fortune that comes once in a lifetime. In the last corner, Hamilton was overtaken by Glock and McLaren’s Camp was celebrating the new King of the Epiphany.

Visit of Lewis Hamilton, F1 world champion in the 2008 season

Date and place of birth: 7.January 1985 in Stevenage (United Kingdom)

Height: 174 cm Weight: 68 kg

Tennis, squash, bicycle, strengthening, music, playing guitar, reading books

team: McLaren Mercedes

Pole Position: 22

pole-positions: 13

Formula 1 Euro Series (2005), GP2 Series winner (2006) Results of Brazil Brazil

(71 rounds, 1 round = 4,309 km, total 305,909 km): 1. Felipe Massa (Brazil / : 34: 11,435 h, 2. Fernando Alonso (Spain / Renault) +13,298 s, 3. Kimi Räikkönen (Finn / Ferrari) +16,235, 4. Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Toro Rosso) +38,011, 5.Lewis Hamilton (V.Brit./McLaren-Mercedes) +38,907 6. Timo Glock (Nem./Toyota) +44,368 7. Heikki Kovalainen (Fin. / McLaren-Mercedes) +55,074 8. Jarno Trulli (ITA) / Toyota) +1: 08,463 min, 9. Mark Webber (Austr./Red Bull) +1: 19,666, 10. Nick Heidfeld (German / BWW Sauber) + 1 round, 11. Robert Kubica Sauber) + 1 round, 12. Nico Rosberg (Nem./Williams) + 1 round, 13. Jenson Button (V.Brit./Honda) + 1 round, 14. Sébastien Bourdais (Fr./Toro Rosso) + 1 round , 15. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil / Honda) + 1 round, 16. Adrian Sutil (Germany / Force India) + 2 rounds, 17. Kazuki Nakajima (Jap./Williams) + 2 rounds, 18. Giancarlo Fisichella ./Force India) + 2 rounds.

Do not finish the race: David Coulthard (Scotland / Red Bull), Nelson Piquet jr. (Braz ./Renault)

Final Rider Ranking: 1. Lewis Hamilton 98 points, 2. Felipe Massa 97, 3.Kimi Räikkönen 75, 4. Robert Kubica 75, 5. Fernando Alonso 61, 6. Nick Heidfeld 60, 7. Heikki Kovalainen 53, 8. Sebastian Vettel 35, 9. Jarno Trulli 31, 10. 21, 12. Nelson Piquet jr. 19, 13. Nico Rosberg 17, 14. Rubens Barrichello 11, 15. Kazuki Nakajima 9, 16. David Coulthard 8, 17. Sébastien Bourdais 4, 18. Jenson Button 3.

Final Ranking of the Constructors Cup: 1. Ferrari 172, 2. McLaren-Mercedes 151, 3. BMW-Sauber 135, 4. Renault 80, 5. Toyota 56, 6. Toro Rosso 39, 7. Red Bull 29, 8. Williams 26, 9. Honda 14 .