Hockey player Lukáš Cingeľ survived two disasters a month

BRATISLAVA. Slovak ice-hockey striker Lukáš Cingeľ had to face the economic and natural disaster over the summer. At the end of June, his employer HC Lev Praha went bankrupt, at the end of July he was standing near the tributaries of the torrential water in his native Terchova village.

“Both experiences were unpleasant but different. In hockey I left Leva in the same city but I moved to Sparta, “said 22-year-old striker Lukáš Cingeľ.

There have been five of them from Slovakia. In our team, everyone commended professional security. “I feel fine here,” he added.

Two days before getting ready for ice, he marveled at home over the water in the liquid state.My father had missed his car

“My father called me from the house in Terchova to have my car parked because the water is fast rising.” When a hockey player came to Terchova for a few hours from nearby Zilina, the work of the catastrophe slowly passed.

“Fortunately our house near the church saved the water, worse it was up in Vratna, where a friend of mine ruined the hotel with a restaurant.” Near the Cinderella’s house, he took the torrent stream at the tavern. Stamagas must walk around.

A handy wanderer scored four goals in the Czech Premier League last weekend in the first preparatory match.

“Last time, I managed to win the Championship in Zilina, three goals I had in the Quebec junior league in Canada,” added Terchovci.

The second goal was scored after defeat by Marek Ďalog, born Zvolen.

The match played last season in Pardubice, after HC Leva’s interest and his subsequent crash was in Sparta with another Slovak defender from Lev Juraj Mikuš from Trenčín.

He and Cindy just met a few days ago with the youngest Slovakian in Sparta, 19-year-old Martin Reway, who returned from the Slovakian twenties.

“Goalkeeper Rasťo Staňa is 34 years old by our old man.He has a lot of experience, but mostly a peaceful nature. He can help. But we can not count on cinema tours with him. He spends his spare time with his family only, “continues Cingeľ, who met two years later with coach Josef Jandáč. He then coached HC Lev. Open-ended Extraliga

According to a harsh Slovak striker, a more open hockey with a greater number of goals is waiting for him in the Czech extralige.

“In KHL most of the teams focused on defending, there was not much chance. I hope that I will use it in Sparta and my goals will fall, even if there are extra-league points. “