Jarolim came out not only Barak. More aces among novices? I think, laughing

The result 1: 1 and the performance of the representative coach Karel Jarolím did not disappoint. He liked only low visits. Only 1700 spectators arrived at the Mladá Boleslav stadium. “Perhaps the unfortunate start of the match may have played its part, nor was the weather perfect. But 1,700 spectators are few, which I feel sorry for. But even the few fans were able to create a fairly decent atmosphere, “Jarolim told a news conference.

How do you rate performance? You’ve made ten changes in the report…
“It’s no surprise for you to change. (Smiling) We used players in the match who did not have the space to show up on Friday. In addition, we have made it more complicated for some to lose because of health problems.We made the set at the last minute, but I can not say I was disappointed with the final result and the performance. The guys showed the character and demonstrated the potential for being in a representation. It’s just a shame we did not score more goals. There were quite a few situations. Now it does not hurt as much as in qualifying. But believe me, if we could do it systematically, we would do it. But we do not have enough time during the meeting. “

Antonín Barák scored the first game in the game. Did he surprise you?
“Tonda proved his good performance in Slavia. Based on that, he was called. She is one of those who are willing to work on. Moreover, I am convinced that it will continue to improve.If I had put it against Norway, we could have done it in a much quieter fashion. “

In the previous match, another debutant Michael Krmenčík was on the lead. Do you have some debutants in your sleeve?
“I think…(laughs) So far, it has succeeded. “

Another newcomer was Petr Mareš who said he did not know about the nomination on the day of the match.
” He was solid. Mile surprised me. It may have helped him to make the game for him in a home environment in Mladá Boleslav. “

Let’s go to the Stoopers. Reliable performance was given by Tomas Kalas. Did not your head help you? Because with Nora, Jakub Brabec and Tomas Sivok did it.
“So maybe we’ll play three stops.And it’s settled. “(Smiles)

Now you’ve been writhing out of the answer…
” It did not wrinkle, really, it’s also one of the variants. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind. Perhaps we will use it in San Marino! But Tomas Kalas really did a good performance and we know that he plays well in the club as well. For us just fine, it’s easier to choose from better players than if only two were left. “

When we generalize it. After Norway, you said that the skeleton of the team is beginning to emerge. How’s it going after Denmark?
“Let me breathe out…(laughs) And this game brought new insights. I recognize the players and say straightway that we have to build on those who want to do it. Players who have hearts in the right place and appreciate playing for a national team. “