Massa won the race Nemec Birnbacher

Pokljuka. 15 km of track him in the Slovenian Pokljuka in the race with a mass start was not enough difference with 17.7 seconds Slovinec Jakov Fak, third in the order of American Tim Burke fell by 22.6 s. The interim order SP leads continue Frenchman M. Fourcade.

without the participation of the Slovak 30 biathlonists moved off towards track 15 km and 20 shots in a pleasant, slightly foggy weather with a plus moderate temperature and wind.Leading man interim order Frenchman Martin Fourcade in ďpretekoch pravdyď had a clear call to confirm post leader, even if his back breathe while most competitors.

crush to start gradually, with gunfire following from a list grows kilometers thoroughly screened, first prone shooting still nothing not addressed, all lined up in one minute, the first eleven in ten seconds. The second Lezky the Pleiades shooting zeros znepríjemnila two criminal circles life Cech Moravec, Swede Lindstrom and Nóra Bergera.

Before the third shooting position stojmo fell in the stadium of spray and errors were added at the shooting range.Only Nemec Birnbacher of the front group can no wrong problems and immediately jumped to 15.3 before the Frenchman M. Fourcadem. Birnbacher-years old on Saturday took the admirable fighter jump from 40th on the grid is pushed to a 13-te, but the satisfaction it could fill placement.

masse longed for victory and his fast skis allowed him to build before the final shooting stojmo lead 17 seconds. But he could not afford a mistake and he succeeded, with a safe margin of 39 seconds before Slovenes Fakom.

Birnbacher, at the premiere of mass discipline this season, as the only reached the shooting range shutout, this winter triumphed a second time and sixth time in his career.The second place zabojovali Slovenian Fak and American Burke, home guy took the Accurate time and put a smile on the faces of their supporters.

1st Andreas Birnbacher (Nem.) 35: 39.4 (0 tr. Dist.), 2 Yakov Fak (SLO.) + 17.7 (2), 3 Tim Burke (USA) 22.6 (2), 4 . Martin Fourcade (France) 25.9 (2), 5 Björn Ferry (Nor.) 26.6 (2), 6 Svendsen (NOR.) 26.7 (2), 7, Evgeny Ustiugov ( RUS.) 43.6 (3), 8 Garaničev Evgeny (Rus.) 47.9 (3), 9-LďAbee Henrik Lund (NOR.) 51.7 (2), Chart 10. Florian (Nem.) 51.8 (2)

1st J. 392 Fourcade, Svendsen second 307, third 293 Birnbacher, 4 Ustiugov 286, Fak 5 250, 6 221 Burke,…44th Kazár 46, 51stMatiaško 34