Most liked goalkeeper connected with Buffon

Gigi chose to be a goalkeeper underneath the influence in the game Cameroonian Ben N Kono.
The son in the infamous goalkeeper Lorenzo Buffon and compatriot of the many additional famous goalkeepers Gianluigi Buffon for the original home left Tom N Kono. It is just a contest of Cameroonian therefore shocked Italian son which he thought we would turn into a goalkeeper. Will i must explain exactly what the goalkeeper went out of Buffon? But his / her icon is at this point a bit rusty. Therefore happy to share with a person about the Cameroonian. Can disclose a very little surprise. Inside special rankings goalies, a match which I have witnessed, Kono N, gets ranking subsequent. Once your Rinat Dasaev.

Like quite a few in your region I turned up a Capacity Call up Kono over the earth Mug 1982, which debuted with the general squad of Cameroon. I’ve got to point out to Cameroonians have got been there the most strange panels inside planet championship. I have seen merely one person – striker Roger Milla. The 50 in the autumn Tbilisi “Dinamo” performed with the France “Bastia” inside the gets ranking and also which has been created by the Cameroonian. Remember it had been awkward, particularly Kote Makharadze seeing that delicious revealed the nickname in the striker. Pro showed during Italy Jean-Pierre Kiryat tokoto I to my disgrace didn’t know. The regular “Football-Hockey” wrote how the gates connected with Cameroonians protects Thomas N Kono, among the finest goalkeepers with The african continent. Nevertheless I, at that time a pupil of the 9th type, Cameroonians, like any Cameras staff, go with a team not necessarily severe, which is the quite contribution inside the earth Contest was an incredible success. Much more taken up, while our own commentators will probably pronounce funny brands with the players of the general squad connected with Cameroon type Ayobo, Onan or even Bondo.

But it was adequate for you to go to see the match in between Peru and Cameroon, when the frame of mind towards Africa modified dramatically. Frenchman Jean Vincent, exactly who advance the “lions” prior to competition, ended up being delivered to be able to The country by a really skilled staff. But the greatest thought ended up being made by the goalkeeper, he’s a control, to whom your click labeled Thomas N Kono.