On the Ice Hockey Champions League 6,000 people came to the Basket

Kosice. Hockey players HC Košice played their first two Lige Championship matches with Cologne Haie and Kärpätom Oulu 1: 2. They competed with the opponents, but they were a step behind them and made a difference in lesser efficiency at the end.

On Saturday, Koscians were premiered in a prestigious competition at Steel Arena and, before a crowded view, with over 6100 spectators, they wanted to attribute the first points to the table. Zagrapanov did not score the goal but the Finnish champion also made a great pressure due to the exclusion of Gabriel Spilar, which also led to Patrick Davis’s goal. The Slovak champion, despite the Marek Zagrapan in the 11th minute, managed to go again for 23 seconds.

“We knew about the qualities of the opponent.From the beginning, we were under pressure, because of the excellent skating in the game, “said Marek Zagrapan.

The Koscians wanted to enter the competition more actively, but the unnecessary exclusion of Spilar from the game stayed disrupted by their plans.” Kärpät He dominated the first third and went into the lead. It is a shame that we have quickly got the second goal after our equalization. Kärpät Oulu is one of the best teams in Europe, with a perfect and fast hockey.Opponent showed how to play at speed, his players had excellent hockey thinking, “said coach Anton Tomko.

His winners, thanks to improved movement from the second third, equalized to the opponent, played more aggressively and in the second half of the match Even more active, but despite the effort they failed in the end, they did not even change the chances in the previous match in Cologne.

“In other duels, we must try to play consistently in the attack, unnecessarily pulling the puck around the horns and being more prominent. We have a lot to learn from our opponents, “Anton Tomko admitted.” In the košická dressing room after the encounter they missed the fact that they did not get points but the team was pleased with the applause of the filled tribune.Fans have encouraged this throughout the duel.

“Damn the first ten minutes, Kärpät was smart and especially purposeful, he gave two goals and then kept the result, we tried, we had a chance but turned out to be the opponent’s quality. We started to skate, to make personal fights, then we got into the chances, “said the experienced striker Jiří Bicek.

Goals: 11. Zagrapan (Bartánus, Drgoň) – 4. Davis (Kukkonen, Deschamps), 11. Keränen (Vallin, Manninen).

Decided by Edqvist (Sweden), J. Konc M. Korba, Smrek (all SR), 4: 3, 2: 6104 spectators.