Ružomberčanky with fifth home loss, in the semifinals Kaski quarreled

RUŽOMBEROK – Basketball players MBK Ruzomberok have drawn their line of homeless failures in the European Cup FIBA ​​2012/2013 already at hardly confident five meetings, and they are Slovak vicemassers among the four best teams in this competition.The Liptans in the first semifinal match slammed Kayseri Kaski in the Kayak Conversion at 60:79 in the Kayak Convoy, and they have enough to catch up.

MBK Ružomberok (SR) – Kayseri Kaski spor (Tur.) 60:79 (17:21, 15:18, 11:20, 17:20)
Ruzomberok: Parkerová 11, Holmesová 9, Kmeťová a Černáková po 6, Minčíková 5 (Tetemondová 14/4 trojky, Anderssonova 6, Brezániová 3, D.Babura 0)
Most points Kayseri: Sandersová 22, Dimitrakuová 14, Anosiková 13
TH: 20/15 – 32/25, fouls: 29 – 18, Troika: 5 – 4, decided by Delaunéová (Fr.) , Špendl (Slovin.) And Tomicova (Chor.), 3150 spectators

Ruzomberčany were preparing for the possibility to develop their own attacks in the first quarter with school mistakes, for example with several passes literally in the hands of their rivals. Tetemond, who overwhelmed all three of his three-point attempts in the first ten minutes, including the far-field from almost half the pitch. Liptans hardly knocked their way into the trash, hitting the organized defense of the host. They used their experience in the attack and in the 17th minute they gained a 12-point lead 35:23.Stefano Svitka’s strike cuts cut him off until the end of the first half (32:39), but after the change of sides he grew again – Dimitrakuová threw at the beginning of the final minute of the third quarter increased to 59:43.

< but the quality of the opponent proved to be clear, we did a lot of unforgivable losses, the success rate was weak again - only 35 percent, and if we want to keep up with this opponent, we have to have a good day, a more precise shot and avoid a loss.The players were a bit nervous, playing in front of the home hall of the European Cup semifinals is the top spot for them. Kayseri is very tall before retaliation, it's hard to do anything anymore. "

Katarína Tetemondová (best Ruzomberka): ” Before our own audience we wanted win, but the opponent was extremely good at the Euroleague level. After half-time, we played seven points, which was not yet dramatic, but then we gave our opponent a few balls. During the break, we said that we are still going to do that and we will try to reverse. It was our hardest opponent in the FIBA ​​Cup. “