Slovakia – Netherlands 2: 1 after Saturday’s four

BRATISLAVA – Slovak tennis players are leading the quarterfinals Davis Cup in Bratislava with the Netherlands after Saturday’s 2: 1 doubles and are close to the historic semifinals.

O d & ocirc; ležit & yacute; kind & eacute; point in Sibamac ar & eacute; no N & aacute; family & eacute tennis & eacute; the center was taken care of by the pair Karol Beck, Michal Mertien & aacute; k, who & aacute; and you will be able to play in 199 minutes with the Dutch and the English team Melle van Gemerden, Paul Haarhuis 5: 7, 6: 3, 6: 4, 7: 5. Beck with Mertien & Aacute, who played together in Davis’s only post-& yacute; once and for the first time in a triumph over & Scaron; R & iacute; ťazstvo.The Slovakian and Dutch passports culminated with the Netherlands; on Sunday at 12.00 CET from & aacute; verecn & yacute; mi doubles. First of all, the two units of the Dominican Hrbat & yacute moves together; and Peter Wessels, and following them on a series of two by Karol Beck and Raemon Sluiter. Nominate aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Karl Beck, Michal Mertien & aacute; k – Melle van Gemerden, Paul Haarhuis 5: 7, 6: 3, 6: 4, 7: 5 Merlin & Aacute to Rock the Water, But It Was Only & Yacute; once what Slov & aacute; they did in the 1st Session.Holland & eacute; p & aacute; r, although set & yacute; last & uacute; In the beginning, the mixture was cooled to 3: 1. When you sk & uacute; sen & yacute; Haarhuis won his net play and scaled to 5: 3, it seemed the set would be smooth from the orange & yacute. Nev & eacute; razn & eacute; Beck v & scaron: if he has been knocked out and he’s a & auml; his z & aacute; sluhou slovensk & yacute; p & aacute; r equals when filed; van Gemerdena to 5: 5. Vz & aacute; p & auml; t & iacute; v & scaron; if beck after species & yacute; once he released his filing with the help of the Dutch and the Dutch, opting for a victory in the thirst.

After the hour of play, the species & eacute began; and for a house and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mercien & acacute to win & uacute; water & eacute; filing, holandsk & yacute; to Gemerden, and because Beck then confirmed the break, along with Mertien & Aacute, who had just a 3-0 lead. Since, in a further & scaron course of the set, already in the scaron; etci & scaron; tyria akt & eacute? Ri maintained their service, Slovak & yacute; After 37 minutes, the mixture was cooled to a residue of 6: 3. Tret & iacute; the set has begun to become lost & yacute, with both sides & amp; In the 1: 2 position, Beck, who & yacute; has been defined, and he has been caught, he faced two brejkbalom, but he did so.The decision was just 4: 4 when Van Gemerden po & scaron; quarters & yacute; once he did not hold the service, and Mertiña and Aacute, to the then unoccupied halls. After 147 min & uacute, tach led Slovak & yacute; 2: 1 for the sets and was blown away from the triumph. E & scaron more friend him, he lived when he immediately gathered the water gem & scaron, the fourteenth-eighteenth-year-old, veteran and aacute new haarhuis after the first & yacute; once in a & aacute; pase service. In the courtroom, the Dutch began to move away and to be self-confident, but they did not give up.The Oranjes used a 2: 3 men & scaron to concentrate on a 3: 3 draw to match the hard and soft and accurate returns to the defeat.

In the next & tennis, who & yacute; it has been great thanks to its gorgeous fan & scaron on both sides & aacute ch. Under a 5: 5 condition, van Gemerdena vypli slovak & iacute; hr & aacute, or to be born and eacute in the game and after accurately returnable and flawless play on the net with a clean game of 6: 5. Your lover and scaron, who have been sent to you, have already been backed by Beck, with the support of their partners, and have been left alone and left alone; passage em & oacute; ci & aacute; m on the court and in the viewpoint.