Špotáková before ME: Janecek is filled, it will have a ticket to the finals

The support for the upcoming European Championship in Zurich will have a javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková care. Switzerland had a term traditionally support the “Bara Ultras”. And among the most loyal fans will be a year and a half old son Janek. At the finale will need to have their own ticket. The cheapest is the equivalent of a thousand.

The first championship after returning from maternity pause will Barbora Špotáková their loved ones.Until two weeks will compete for medals at the European Championships in Zurich, will miss life partner Lukáš Novotný, son Janek and most loyal fans. Špotáková to use the new SEAT, today received from the sponsor.

“I’m flying alone with the team. Janecek normally come away with a whole bunch of people. The car is a seven, going all minibus Bara Ultras. Janecek is also filled, “laughs Špotáková.

The European Championship will be held at the famous Letzigrund Stadium, the venue of the annual traditional meeting Weltklasse. In addition, the stadium was renovated for Euro 2008 football match and comfort and price.The cheapest ticket for the family sector worth 42.50 Swiss francs, or about a thousand crowns. Conditions in the stands, however, are still not favorable for toddlers.

“There was a problem getting to the stadium Janecek. Children under six years are not recommended input. Janecek must have their own ticket to the finals, which is the European Championships, one of the most expensive tickets history, “says Špotáková. “The stadium must be buggy. It will be a bit more complicated, but I think it can handle and Luke Janecek for the finals will be when you undergo car journey. He does not like sitting in a car seat, loves freedom.But it’s not so far away. “

In Zurich Špotáková neutká with its principal were rivals Christina Obergföll Abakumovovou and Mary, who became a mother this year. Obergföllová but the championship arrives her son Marlon show.

“It is planned that there will go with a small look. She sent me a picture and on that occasion I probably after the fourth race of the season congratulated for success, “says Špotáková. “I’m sure you do the pounding, I look forward to how we’re going to compete again. It’s a big rival of life. “

Meanwhile Špotáková plans but without the participation of their biggest rivals this year confirm its sovereignty.And except for expenses for a family outing is ready and the costs of any winning party for his fan club.
“You will have to prepare for more spending during the celebration. Tell me about some supplies. I hope I walk to the car, “says Špotáková. “Recently in Lausanne I was at the stadium after the race gave ounces of beer for eight francs, our two kilíčka. I have to think of this…”