The judges will train in Portugal, Listkiewicz has pleased progress

The judges’ committee of the Czech Football Association wants to increase the quality of the judges over the winter, and it is best to prepare them for the tough spring fights in the first league. At the same time, he will try to involve the young judges more closely and prepare them for the highest competition. This is especially important for a seminar in Portugal, where the judges will be able to conduct preparatory and competitive games for the first time.

“We have had a hard work for half a year. “ said Michael Listkiewicz, chairman of the committee, at today’s press conference.

I> “I have a good feeling in the autumn matches, judges whistle what is happening on the pitch.They had no influence on the distribution of the forces in the league, “added Petr Mlsna, Vice President.

It’s just that they have a relatively limited number of high-quality league judges, and in the autumn, 16 barrels were used in the first league. I> “Of which there are six seven who can whistle every match. Those really good are few. We have to bring new ones. But I see great potential, and I believe we will have no problem within two years, “Listkiewicz said.

The Commission promises a lot from a seminar to be held from January 27 to February 5 In addition to physical and theoretical training, there is also a practical burden on the judges. “We are now confirmed that our judges will have a minimum of twenty matches there. Something like that has not been on the seminars yet.Always the situation is rather modeled, “said Roman Hrubeš, a member of the committee.

Czech judges should be in Portugal to play the preliminary matches, the duels of the preparation tournament of the Atlantic Cup, which will be broadcast live on television but also matches The Portuguese second league and the junior competition.

The Commission already has a new program for the development of young judges. “The best ones will go to us at the European Championships in the summer, where they will also train with Polish judges. Those who are going to be successful will be invited to the Summer Seminar of the League Referees, “Listkiewicz said.

Good performances on the international scene contributed to the FAČR being given the opportunity to write his ninth assistant on the charter FIFA. It was Jakub Hrabovský.A tenth could be added in a year, which is the maximum for one federation. “Additionally, Judge Kralovec and Zelinka are very well rated on the international stage and Kralovec is among the judges, among whom Europe will decide on the nomination for the 2018 World Championship,” added Mlsna.

> The most difficult judges in the autumn were Karel Hrubeš, Jan Jílek and Miroslav Zelinka, who have played 11 matches. Among the assistants were Jan Paták and Ondřej Pelikán with 14 duels. All of them appeared in the second league.

Among the less experienced judges, Pavel Julinek, who played nine matches, highlighted in particular. “And in a way that made no emotion.The Commission did not solve it at all, which means very good performance, “Mlsna said.

On the other hand, Martin Nenadál had the most problems, and the three matches did not succeed, and the game of Liberec and Slovácko was greatly influenced. The club is not going to go. “Martin crosses over the winter, after a pause he will start in the second league. It should be remembered that, in spite of the defeats, he was eliminated without a major problem by the tough second-league match Ostrava-Opava, “added Mlsna.