The match of the year is Bayern and Juventus. It was followed by most people worldwide

This year’s football event was the European Championship in France, but the main draw for the fans was Spans. The greatest interest in her was the osmifin duel between Bayern and Juventus, the most watched match é year.This results from Livesport’s é data, whose websites are visited monthly by sports scores es 70 users >

In March’s Champions League eighth round, the Bayern Munich stadium did not play, but the Juventus-home duel watched more than 4.5 million people in the FlashScore network.

That’s just ‘the only way round’, but it was online betting games not missed – there were a lot of goals, Bayern equalized, and Juventus arrived, “explains Patrick Dzurend of Livesport fans who develops FlashScore sites and applications. >

Even the Euro was not the most watched final match, but the wild match between Portugal and Hungary, which ended with an unexpected draw 3: 3.Ronaldo has shot his team with two goals in a row, and then he has won the title of European Champion.

Ronaldo himself holds one of this year’s network records that draws on more than 70 million unique visitors monthly. The Portuguese site was the most visited not only among all footballers, but also among the more than 30 sports people covered by FlashScore. Ronaldo left behind the eternal rival Messi, whose Barcelona is again the most popular team in 2016. Between her and Real Madrid, the league of clubs was able to wed the last season’s miracle of Premier League in Leicester.

That football rules the sporting world ivu Us, confirm the data from server, Czech FlashScore.More than half of all of its users watched one of the soccer matches, most of which received hockey and tennis.

Three of the most popular sports have shared all home free online bet records: the most watched match was the Bayern-Juventus duel, the most popular athletes being Jaromír Jágr, Karolína Plíšková and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jágr’s Florida overtaking the Leicester team. >

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Livesport Ltd. Is a purely Czech company, one of the world’s leading developers of sports sites. The Livesport flagship is FlashScore, which provides sports fans around the world with live scores from 37 sports and more than 5,000 competitions.The FlashScore network, whose Czech version is at, visits more than 70 million users per month.

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