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He came to Slovan in December, he was hiding with the secret of the mystery, and he had little to know where he is or is training. The first month he did not, he needed to roll. Since the New Year, he has begun to shoot, and in the KHL he has shot many goals, but he did not get to the Sochi Olympics. The excitement of the ice hockey team was a lot, but it did not break it. Miroslav Šatan at the moment talks about the end of his career, but he does not exclude between the lines that he will decide otherwise.Sochi was avoiding the journalist, but after the fall of the Slovan from the fight for the Hope Cup he spoke.

and could not get into the rhythm of the match.Fast spot loss occurred and we could not clear it all season. Although we were still moving at a loss of seven to fourteen, I think the bad start was not clear.

This is not a question for me, but for the club’s leadership, for the coaches. They should sit down and name the causes right afterwards and make specific changes to cadres.Of those things that have not been done, you need to be instructed to change the game’s image and overall team performance in the next season.

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circumstances.I do not want to unnecessarily disassemble now, but it was the result of poor communication with the Slav and my health. I was not up to the end of the summer just to jump into the season.

I have no regrets.

I did what I could in the light of the situation.

I do not want to speak about the end of my career and five minutes after the end of the season to think about the end of my career. It takes some time, at least a few weeks or months. Then we’ll see. Now I am determined as I announced it in December. It’s over, but I still take some time to make the final decision sometime in the summer.

I do not know when to make the nomination.We met the coach, but we have agreed that we will not comment on the situation until we meet again with General Manager Otom Sikor.

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It depends on who compares me.There are even older players who pull it. Physiologically it is possible. As far as I’m concerned, I would still rule, so we’ll see. Sometimes the end must come. I’m in such a state that I’m still going to say that I’m pulling the season, then the half-season and likewise the last four years. But this once seems to be definitive.

I do not want to say this with a hot head now. I’ll take a few weeks and see how I feel.