Wimbledon Serena invite unexpected semi-finalists

BRATISLAVA. Who are the players who will challenge Serena Williams in the fight for the Wimbledon Semifinals title. Even such a question was found among the spectators of the famous grandslam tournament.

Vera Zvonareva is more familiar with the triple of Serenine invaders.Twenty-five tennis player saves at the All England Club honor of Russian tennis in the quarterfinals and was able to knock out one of favoritiek Kim Clijstersovú. “Kim is able to play a whole-court tennis, therefore you can not put a lot of chances, which I managed,” said Zvonareva for The Daily Telegraph.

The biggest surprise quarterfinal match took care Bulharka Cvetana Pironkovová, who knocked out five times the Wimbledon champion Venus Williams. “I did not play my best shots, but I want to congratulate aug, who played very well.I do not feel, however, still cares, I still have enough motivation, “he quoted the official website of the older of the sisters Williams.

Pironkova will be fighting with Zvonareva for the final. In this case before it did not look like a Bulgarian woman very well, as eight times in a row losing in the first round. “it looked to me very bad about what I’m happier that this success has come,” she said-year old tennis player.

The largest favoritiek among the four best its way as world number one Serena Williamsová. He passed through the dangerous Chinese woman Li when she was defeated in straight sets. “Most importantly, I based service.If you do it on the grass service to win you much closer than at other tournaments, “he concluded Serena for espn.com.

In the semifinals American woman waiting Petra Kvitová, who knocked out in dramatic fight outsideriek Kaiu Kanepi.Czech twenty years away match in five mečbalov. “Kvitova is dangerous toys, able to create pressure, so I can not lose sight of concentration,” said Williams, by the Czech left foot beat in a single mutual match.

Kvitova was in the quarterfinals near disposal when played in the third set 0 4, but could be concentrated and returned to the match. “After the counterattack of the second set I was exhausted, but as soon as I it took the administration in the fifth Geme, I started to believe. I now look forward to the semifinal against Serena, I’ll see you there show “Kvitova said in an interview idnes.cz.